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5 Surprising Uses of Ethylene Bis-Stearamide in Industrial Applications

by:Sainuo     2023-07-30

Ethylene Bis-Stearamide (EBS) is a versatile compound that is commonly used across various industrial applications. EBS is a synthetic wax that is created by the reaction of ethylenediamine and stearic acid. It boasts a high melting point, excellent thermal stability, and remarkable hardness. Manufacturers prefer EBS for its broad range of functionalities and the benefits it offers in different industrial sectors.

Here are 5 surprising uses of Ethylene Bis-Stearamide in Industrial Applications

Substance for Coatings and Additives

One of the most common applications of EBS is as a substance for coatings and additives in different products. EBS has numerous benefits over other substances that are utilized for coatings and additives. It improves the durability, appearance, and adherence of products better than traditional coatings and additives. As a result of its excellent adhesion and cohesion properties, it is utilized in waxed papers, laminations, and packaging. It is also effective in preventing scratching, scuffing, and rub-off. As a result, EBS is used as a coating for plastics, metals, and different types of papers. In addition, it is an additive for polyethylene and other thermoplastics.


EBS also works incredibly well as a lubricant. It is generally supplied as a fine powder that is dispersed into fluids. Lubricant formulations with EBS are used to optimize performance in gears, cables, power transmission equipment, and a range of mechanical systems. EBS offers excellent lubrication at high temperatures and pressures. Its chemical structure enables it to provide tremendous wear resistance in machine parts, preventing failures and reducing maintenance costs. Featuring hydrophobic properties, it is used to protect electrical equipment from moisture and rust. EBS lubricants are also suitable for high load and high-speed applications. The lubricant properties of EBS make it easy for it to drift off surfaces ensuring smooth operation and adherence in metalworking operations, extrusion, and injection molding.

Surface Tension Reduce

EBS can be utilized in the realm of surface tension reduction. EBS serves as an effective emulsifier which helps to provide an even film on surfaces for painting or coating. EBS is used in pigment preparations, synthetic resin emulsions and paints. EBS can bind with almost any surface which makes it an effective agent for “wetting” surfaces. Wetting is a process where you reduce the contact angle between a liquid and a surface. With EBS's help, you can wet flat surfaces, such as metals, ceramics, and glass, and enjoy a reduction in surface tension. A lower solid-surface tension helps to improve wettability. For instance, when using epoxy coatings, you might use EBS as an additive to reduce surface tension. Thus, the properties of EBS make it an invaluable tool when ensuring adhesion and uniformity.

Mold Release Agent

EBS works as a mold release agent that enhances productivity and efficiency across different industrial applications. Mold release agents help release molded items from the mold without causing any damage to the final product. EBS' surface tension reduction capabilities enable it to work to a high standard as a mold release agent. EBS is known for its ease of application with no need for wiping, reapplication or overcoating. This wax's versatility as a release agent means it is favorable in a variety of industries, including the rubber industry, urethane foam molding, and plastics production.

Personal Care Products

Finally, EBS has a significant impact on the Personal Care industry. EBS adds lubricating and anti-static properties in personal care items as well contributing hydrating properties. Lotion and body cream manufacturers use EBS as a vital component in creating products that are easily absorbed and provide lasting moisture. Personal care products such as lipsticks and lip balms include EBS to create a stable consistency for use. EBS ‘ s minimal irritation on the skin makes it perfect for modeling clay, face paints and other cosmetic items.

Conclusively, EBS is a fantastic new product that enhances performance, reduces wear and tear, provides dependable adherence, and improves customer satisfaction. EBS has a wide range of applications across a variety of industries, and it is still utilized for new high-performance products. Thanks to its chemical properties, EBS is an essential product that provides solutions to everyday issues in industrial manufacturing, creating an opportunity to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

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