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Ethylene Bis-stearamide

Ethylene bis-stearamide is a hard and brittle white high melting point wax. Its industrial products are slightly yellow particles or white powder, non-toxic, and have no side effects on the human body. Substitute Malay and Indonesian products, partly substitute kao ES-FF products, low acid value, low amine value, high performance, high purity, excellent heat resistance and stability. As a leading ethylene bis stearamide powder distributor & supplier for over 17 years, Sainuo ethylene bis-stearamide is sold well globally.


If you are looking for professional & reliable ethylene bis stearamide supplier, Sainuo will be your perfect choice. We have been focusing on nn ethylene bis-stearamide powder for more than 15 years. Welcome to contact us for further details, professional ethylene bis stearamide manufacturers.

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