Sainuo - Polyethylene Wax Manufacturer and EBS Wax Supplier since 2005  

The Sainuo plant was put into production in 2010, expanding from the initial one to the current three plants. At present, it has formed an international production of 30,000 tons of production capacity of polyethylene wax lubricating dispersant.



Qingdao Sainuo, founded in 2005, is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrating production, scientific research, application and sales. From the initial one workshop and product, it has gradually grown into the most complete lubrication and dispersion system product supplier in China with nearly 100 kinds of products, enjoying a high reputation in the field of lubrication and dispersion in China. Among them, the production quota and sales volume of polyethylene wax and EBS rank top in the industry(lubrication and dispersion product supplier&polyethylene wax manufacturer)

Qingdao Sainuo Technology Research Institute, relying on the years of research, development, production, and application experience of Qingdao Sainuo Group in the fields of lubrication dispersant additives and plastic processing, focuses on building a service platform that focuses on the lubrication dispersant industry chain, and creates an innovative industry chain service platform that integrates industry university research cooperation, industry chain cooperation, technical training, testing and analysis, and achievement transformation. We have over 30 sets of precision testing instruments, over 40 full-time researchers, and a nearly 6000 square meter innovation and entrepreneurship platform.


Advantage 1

6 large production base, 300,000 ton polyethylene wax production base

Advantage 2

Production and marketing scale of 60,000-ton lubricants and dispersants

Advantage 3

Lubricants and dispersants one-stop procurement, centralized procurement, reduce time, reduce costs

Advantage 4

Stable product batch

18 quality inspection procedures, strict control of quality

Keep sample and seal sample to ensure the quality of sample is consistent with that of bulk goods

Advantage 5

Mature technology research and development team, through 17 national and product patents

Advantage 6

Years of industry application experience, industry senior engineers to provide you with system solutions

Sainuo pe wax   

Let the world fall in love with Chinese additives!


The company has more than 150 employees, Upon technical support of professional polymer ,materials institutes of Qingdao University and Qingdao University of Science and Technology, and has a number of senior professional technical personnel and professional application laboratory, with strong independent R&D ability.

Products have passed the REACH, ROHS, PAHS, FDA testing, are widely used in PVC products, PVC stabilizer, color masterbatch, filler masterbatch, hot melt adhesive, modified asphalt, engineering plastics, powder coating, road marking paint, polymer modification and other fields, It has become an important raw material supplier to Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, France, Japan, South Korea and other countries, and its brand influence spreads all over the world.


lubrication and dispersion Products have passed the REACH, ROHS, PAHS, FDA testing



Qingdao Sainuo Factory has sufficient inventory and can ship at any time. Welcome to inquire!

The sainuo people always keep pace with the world with a broad vision to achieve transcendence again and again and realize all the possibilities of lubrication and dispersion performance. Sainuo in line with international standards, the implementation of a standardized management system. Sainuo takes the market demand and the customer attention as the focal point, promotes a better rubber and plastic industry in the world!

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