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We can do the following for customers


We have modern key science laboratories of the ministry of education;
We have a professional industry-university-research and development team of more than 10 people, including 1 doctor, 2 master and 6 technical engineers(for pe wax&polyethylene wax products

We have automatic softening point tester, processor viscosity system,rheometer, apply molding detection equipment, Shore hardness tester, DSC, ash content testing system, pressure filter value tester, automatic melt index tester, double roll forming equipment,  internal mixer, fluor tester , peel strength tester, Plate vulcanizing machine and other testing equipment.
Our equipment can test rheology, softening point, viscosity, thermogravimetry, DSC, hardness, needle penetration, density, acid value, melting point, amine value, color value, ash, extrusion performance, dispersion performance, REACH, ROHS and other properties.



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