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Qingdao Sainuo Chemical Co., LTD., founded in 2005, is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrating production, scientific research, application, and sales. Now Sainuo is the leading polyethylene wax manufacturer / PE wax supplier in China.


From the initial workshop and product, it has gradually grown into the most complete lubrication and dispersion system product supplier in China with nearly 100 kinds of products, enjoying a high reputation in the field of lubrication and dispersion globally. Among them, the production quota and sales volume of polyethylene wax and EBS rank top in the industry. If you are looking for EBS wax(Ethylene bis-stearamide) supplier and polyethylene wax manufacturer, welcome to contact Sainuo.






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PE wax​ / polyethylene wax is a mixture of hydrocarbons, low molecular weight polyethylene (molecular weight is about 2000~5000) and paraffin wax containing about 18~30 carbon atoms. The main components are straight chain alkanes (about 80%~95%), and a small amount of alkanes with single branch chains and single ring alkanes with long side chains (the total content of both is less than 20%).
Common sense of polyethylene wax
Before selecting the coupling agent, the moisture content of the filler used shall be determined first, and the specific type shall be determined according to the moisture content state and the characteristics of the aforementioned aluminate coupling agents. The dry filler should be monoalkoxy type, and the wet filler can be chelating type or monoalkoxy pyrophosphate type. When selecting aluminate coupling agent, the melting point, crystallinity, molecular weight, polarity, aromaticity, fatty foot, copolymer structure, etc. of the polymer should also be considered. For thermosetting polymers, the curing temperature and curing mechanism should also be considered.
General usage of aluminate coupling agent
Ethylene bis stearamide is widely used in the molding process of PVC products, ABS, high impact polystyrene, polyolefin, rubber and plastic products. Compared with traditional lubricants such as paraffin wax, polyethylene wax, stearate, it not only has a good external lubrication function, but also has a good internal lubrication function, so as to improve the fluidity and demoulding property of fusion plastics in plastic molding process, Thus, the output of plastic processing is increased, the energy consumption is reduced, and the products obtain extremely high surface smoothness and smoothness. At the same time, it can also be used as processing aids and pigment dispersants.
Ethylene bis stearamide / EBS
Zinc stearate is mainly used as wood primer in the paint to fill and improve the sandability. Good transparency, little influence on the transparency of paint, especially for transparent primer. In addition to focusing on polishing and transparency, zinc stearate also has some other influencing factors, such as oil absorption, thickening, particle size, dispersion, which also affect the comprehensive performance of wood paint.
Application of Zinc Stearate in Coatings


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