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Qingdao Sainuo Chemical Co., LTD., founded in 2005, is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrating production, scientific research, application, and sales. Now Sainuo is the leading polyethylene wax manufacturer / PE wax supplier in China.


From the initial workshop and product, it has gradually grown into the most complete lubrication and dispersion system product supplier in China with nearly 100 kinds of products, enjoying a high reputation in the field of lubrication and dispersion globally. Among them, the production quota and sales volume of polyethylene wax and EBS rank top in the industry. If you are looking for EBS wax(Ethylene bis-stearamide) supplier and polyethylene wax manufacturer, welcome to contact Sainuo.






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In a narrow sense, polyethylene wax is a low relative molecular weight homopolymer polyethylene; In a broad sense, polyethylene wax also includes modified polyethylene wax and copolymerized polyethylene wax. Generally, if a polyethylene polymer cannot provide a certain strength and toughness like a resin, and cannot be processed as a single material into a product that ultimately has a certain function, we can classify it as polyethylene wax. In this article today, Qingdao Sainuo​ will take you to understand the classification of polyethylene waxes according to production methods.
Types of polyethylene wax
Ethylene bis-stearomide is a hard and brittle white high melting point wax that is non-toxic and has no side effects on the human body. It is insoluble in most solvents at room temperature, stable in acid, alkali, and water media, and soluble in hot chlorinated hydrocarbons and aromatic hydrocarbon solvents. Its powder has a strong sense of smoothness, and is wettable to water above 80 ℃.
EBS / Ethylene bis-stearomide powder or bead
One of the key advantages of fischer tropsch wax is its sustainability. FT wax is produced from natural gas or other non-petroleum sources. This makes it a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional waxes, which can have significant environmental impacts, particularly in terms of greenhouse gas emissions.
Everything you should know fischer tropsch wax
Polyethylene wax is widely used as a dispersant and lubricant with high melting point and low viscosity in plastics. Homopolymer polyethylene wax is mainly used in polyolefin color masterbatches, including polyethylene color masterbatches, polypropylene color masterbatches, and EVA color masterbatches.
Application of polyethylene wax in color masterbatch


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