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Sainuo Coupling Agent AC6805

Sainuo Coupling Agent AC6805


Today, in this article, let's get to know the coupling agent AC6805 of Sainuo.

Product Index:

Softening Point ℃≥75
Reduction in viscosity%≥70%
Heating reduction%≤1
TGA(5%) ℃≥206
Product AppearanceWhite or light yellow powder

Product advantages:

1. Easy to use in powder form: Low viscosity, convenient for weight loss measurement, transportation, and formula use, not easy to block pipelines.

2. High cost-effectiveness: With a more affordable price, good coupling performance and dispersion performance.

3. Good thermal stability: A high thermal decomposition temperature ensures that the active ingredients continue to function during the processing without being prematurely damaged.

4. Strong binding ability: The product has stable bidirectional binding ability to inorganic and organic materials such as calcium carbonate and polyolefins, thus exhibiting good dispersion effect.

5. Excellent lubrication performance: It combines coupling, dispersion, and lubrication functions, making the formula simpler. Good lubrication performance is conducive to enhancing the flow performance of materials or melts and reducing melt resistance.

6. It can improve the mechanical properties of materials: Adding appropriate coupling agents can significantly enhance the mechanical properties of materials, especially their tensile and impact properties.

7. Good dispersibility: Adding a synergistic agent has strong polarity and does not reduce dispersibility.

Application direction:

The addition and surface activation treatment of organic and inorganic powders such as color masterbatch, filler masterbatch, plastics, rubber additives, adhesives, etc.

Addition amount and usage method:

It is generally recommended to add 0.6-2.5% of the total amount of inorganic powder materials.

Product packaging:

This product is in white or light yellow powder form, with uniform appearance characteristics and compliance with standards. It is packaged in 25 kg woven bags and transported in the form of pallets, with 40 bags per pallet and a net weight of 1000kg. The outer packaging is extended.

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