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Ethylene Bis Stearamide: A Reliable Dispersing Agent in Pigment Manufacturing

by:Sainuo     2023-09-14

Ethylene Bis Stearamide: A Reliable Dispersing Agent in Pigment Manufacturing


The use of pigments in various industries, such as paints, inks, and coatings, is widespread. The challenge lies in effectively dispersing these pigments to ensure their even distribution and optimal performance. Ethylene Bis Stearamide (EBS) has emerged as a dependable dispersing agent in pigment manufacturing. This article delves into the properties, benefits, and applications of EBS in pigment dispersion.

Understanding the Role of Dispersing Agents:

Pigments, in their raw form, possess agglomerates or clusters that prevent their even dispersion. Dispersing agents play a vital role in breaking down these agglomerates, enabling the pigments to be uniformly distributed within a medium. The dispersion process is essential for consistent coloration, improved opacity, and enhanced stability in the final product.

Properties of Ethylene Bis Stearamide:

EBS is a synthetic wax that exhibits remarkable properties, making it an ideal dispersing agent. It is typically available in the form of white flakes or powder. Some key properties of EBS include:

1. Low melting point: EBS has a low melting temperature, which enables it to disperse easily during processing.

2. High softening point: The high softening point ensures improved stability and prevents bleeding of pigments in various applications.

3. Low viscosity: EBS has a low viscosity, making it an excellent choice for dispersing both organic and inorganic pigments.

4. Excellent lubrication properties: EBS acts as a lubricant during dispersion, reducing friction and allowing smoother processing.

Benefits of Ethylene Bis Stearamide as a Dispersing Agent:

Using EBS as a dispersing agent offers several advantages in pigment manufacturing. Some notable benefits include:

1. Enhanced dispersion: EBS effectively breaks down pigment agglomerates, promoting even distribution and reducing the need for excessive processing. This leads to better color development and improved product quality.

2. Increased stability: EBS imparts stability to pigment dispersions, preventing settling or separation, even over extended periods. This ensures consistent performance and shelf-life of the final products.

3. Versatility: EBS is compatible with various solvents and resin systems, making it suitable for a wide range of pigment applications. It can be used in solvent-based, water-based, and UV-curable systems, further expanding its utility.

4. Improved rheology: The addition of EBS in pigment dispersions enhances the flow properties and viscosity control, resulting in better handling during manufacturing processes. This facilitates efficient coating, printing, and application of the final product.

5. Cost-effectiveness: EBS offers a cost-effective solution compared to other dispersing agents. Its excellent dispersing capabilities allow for lower usage levels, reducing overall production costs without compromising quality.

Applications of Ethylene Bis Stearamide in Pigment Manufacturing:

EBS finds extensive application as a dispersing agent in various industries. Some notable applications include:

1. Paints and Coatings: EBS is widely used in the production of paints and coatings to disperse both organic and inorganic pigments. It allows for consistent color development, improved opacity, and excellent stability, ensuring high-quality finishes.

2. Printing Inks: EBS plays a crucial role in the production of printing inks, enabling optimal pigment dispersion and color intensity. Its compatibility with different ink systems makes it a versatile choice for offset, gravure, and flexographic printing.

3. Plastics: EBS is used in plastic manufacturing to disperse pigments in masterbatch production. It ensures uniform coloring, eliminates streaking, and enhances the overall appearance of plastic products.

4. Textiles: EBS finds application in the textile industry for pigment dispersion in dyeing and printing processes. It enables enhanced color absorption, improved wash-fastness, and reduced fabric staining.

5. Personal Care Products: EBS is utilized in the formulation of personal care products like cosmetics and soaps to disperse pigments and ensure uniform color distribution. It enhances product aesthetics and stability.


Ethylene Bis Stearamide (EBS) has established itself as a reliable dispersing agent in pigment manufacturing. Its excellent dispersing properties, compatibility with various systems, cost-effectiveness, and versatility make it a preferred choice in multiple industries. By using EBS in pigment dispersion, manufacturers can achieve consistent coloration, improved stability, and enhanced product performance, meeting the diverse needs of their customers.

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