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Fischer Tropsch Wax: A Unique Ingredient in High-performance Printing Inks

by:Sainuo     2023-10-04

Fischer Tropsch Wax: A Unique Ingredient in High-performance Printing Inks


Printing inks play a vital role in the production of various materials, from newspapers and magazines to packaging materials and labels. The quality and performance of these inks are crucial to achieving vibrant and durable prints. One incredible ingredient that has revolutionized the printing industry is Fischer Tropsch wax, a unique compound known for its exceptional properties. In this article, we explore the fascinating world of Fischer Tropsch wax and its significance in creating high-performance printing inks.

What is Fischer Tropsch Wax?

Fischer Tropsch wax, also known as FT wax, is a synthetic wax derived from the conversion of carbon monoxide and hydrogen gas under specific high-temperature and high-pressure conditions. It was first developed by Franz Fischer and Hans Tropsch in the 1920s as a replacement for natural waxes. Fischer Tropsch wax is a hydrocarbon-based substance, typically composed of straight-chain alkanes with carbon chain lengths ranging from C20 to C60. The unique molecular structure of this wax offers several advantageous properties for various applications, including printing inks.

Properties and Benefits of Fischer Tropsch Wax:

1. High Melting Point:

One key advantage of Fischer Tropsch wax is its high melting point, typically ranging from 65掳C to 105掳C. This high melting point ensures stability and helps to maintain the ink's consistency under varying environmental conditions. It prevents ink smudging or smearing when exposed to heat, making it ideal for applications such as packaging materials that undergo hot-filling processes or labels used on products stored in high-temperature environments.

2. Excellent Coating and Gloss:

Printing inks formulated with Fischer Tropsch wax exhibit exceptional coating ability and provide a glossy finish to the printed material. The wax forms a thin, uniform layer on the substrate, enhancing the ink's visual appeal and overall print quality. This property is especially crucial in the packaging industry, where attractive and eye-catching labels can significantly influence consumer purchasing decisions.

3. Improved Scratch and Scuff Resistance:

One notable benefit of Fischer Tropsch wax in printing inks is its ability to enhance scratch and scuff resistance. The wax molecules form a protective layer on the printed surface, creating a barrier that withstands abrasions and external damage. This property is particularly important in applications where the printed materials may undergo handling during transportation or storage.

4. Enhanced Rub Resistance:

Rub resistance refers to the ink's ability to resist smudging or transferring when subjected to friction or contact. Fischer Tropsch wax improves rub resistance in printing inks, allowing for longer-lasting and more durable prints. This is especially valuable in industries like packaging, where the printed materials may frequently encounter rubbing or friction during manufacturing or distribution processes.

5. Low Volatility and Odorless:

Fischer Tropsch wax is known for its low volatility, which means it does not readily evaporate under normal conditions. This property ensures that the ink's consistency remains stable for extended periods, reducing the need for frequent adjustments or reprints. Additionally, the wax is odorless, making it suitable for applications requiring minimal scent interference, such as food packaging or sensitive product labeling.

Applications in High-performance Printing Inks:

With its exceptional properties, Fischer Tropsch wax finds extensive usage in the formulation of high-performance printing inks. Let's explore some key application areas where this unique ingredient shines:

1. Packaging Industry:

Fischer Tropsch wax is widely incorporated into printing inks used for packaging materials. Its high melting point ensures that printed materials remain intact during hot-filling processes, preventing ink smearing or distortion. The improved scratch and scuff resistance properties make it ideal for packaging materials that undergo frequent handling and transportation.

2. Labels and Stickers:

Printing inks formulated with Fischer Tropsch wax are particularly valuable for labels and stickers. The high gloss and excellent coating ability enhance the visual appeal of printed labels, capturing consumers' attention. Moreover, the wax's resistance to rubbing and scratching ensures that the labels maintain their quality and legibility, even when subjected to friction or handling.

3. Commercial Printing:

In the commercial printing industry, where large-scale printing is required, Fischer Tropsch wax finds application in high-performance offset inks. These inks, used for printing newspapers, magazines, and other publications, benefit from the wax's rub resistance and stability, resulting in sharper and consistent prints. The low volatility property also makes it suitable for prolonged printing sessions without the need for frequent ink adjustments.

4. Flexible Packaging:

The flexible packaging industry relies heavily on high-performance printing inks to deliver vibrant and durable prints on various substrates. Fischer Tropsch wax imparts enhanced scratch and scuff resistance to the inks, ensuring that the prints withstand the rigors of flexible packaging manufacturing processes. The wax's high melting point further contributes to its suitability for flexible packaging, where heat exposure during sealing or filling is common.

5. Security Printing:

Fischer Tropsch wax plays a vital role in security printing applications, such as banknotes, passports, and identification cards. The wax's excellent coating ability offers a protective layer that prevents counterfeiting attempts, as it is difficult to replicate its unique properties. Its scratch resistance ensures the longevity of security prints, providing authenticity and tamper-evident features.


Fischer Tropsch wax has undoubtedly revolutionized the world of printing inks, offering unique properties that significantly enhance performance and print quality. From packaging materials and labels to commercial printing and security applications, this versatile ingredient ensures durability, stability, and visual appeal. As technology advances, Fischer Tropsch wax will continue to play a vital role in the development of high-performance printing inks, enabling the printing industry to produce an array of vibrant, long-lasting, and visually stunning prints.

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