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Application and introduction of aluminate coupling agent

Application and introduction of aluminate coupling agent


Aluminate coupling agent has the characteristics of high reaction activity with inorganic powder surface, light color, non-toxic, small taste, high thermal decomposition temperature and easy to use. 

In PVC filling system, aluminate coupling agent has good synergistic effect of heat stability and certain wetting plasticizing effect. Therefore, aluminate coupling agent is widely used in a variety of inorganic fillers, pigments and flame retardants. The surface of various modified inorganic condiments treated by aluminate coupling agent changes from hydrophilicity to lipophilicity due to the formation of an organic long chain molecular layer by chemical or physical chemistry action. The results showed that the oil absorption value decreased and the volume of oil absorption decreased, so it can be used in plastic, rubber or coating products to improve the processing performance, increase the filling amount of fillers and improve the comprehensive properties of the products.  

Experiment of calcium powder activated by coupling agent.

The experimental phenomenon shows that the coupling agent activated calcium powder experiment is the coupling agent and calcium carbonate binding force. In general, when fully mixed with the coupling agent and the molten mixture of calcium carbonate, the more materials that can float on the surface, the better the activation effect, the better the dispersion effect.

Sainuo's low-odor environment-friendly coupling agent has the functions of coupling, lubrication and dispersion, which can simplify the formulation; What’s more, the core advantages of low weight loss and low odor can effectively solve the problem of environmental protection and efficiency in production-processing enterprises, while the powder products can effectively shorten the mixing time and facilitate weight loss measurement; It can significantly improve the continuous production cycle.

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