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Application of polyethylene wax in powder coatings

Application of polyethylene wax in powder coatings


Polyethylene wax is a kind of chemical material, in which the color of polyethylene wax is white small beads / flakes, which is formed by ethylene polymerized rubber processing agent. It has the characteristics of high melting point, high hardness, high gloss and snow-white color. It can melt at 104-130 ℃ or dissolve in solvent and resin at high temperature, but it will still precipitate when cooling. Its precipitation fineness is related to the cooling rate: coarser particles (5-10um) are obtained by slow cooling, and finer particles (1.5-3um) are precipitated by rapid cooling, In the film-forming process of powder coating, when the film cools, PE wax precipitates from the coating solution to form fine particles, which float on the surface of the film and can play the role of texture, extinction, smoothness and scratch resistance. Various patterns can be obtained by properly selecting micro powder wax and coating system.

1. Effect of polyethylene wax:

(1) Texture and extinction: when the coating film is cooled, polyethylene wax precipitates from the coating and migrates to the surface of the coating film to produce pattern and extinction effect; In powder coatings, different waxes reduce the gloss differently. Waxes can be selected according to the gloss requirements. The addition of polyethylene wax is 1%, 60, and the gloss is reduced by 5-15.

(2) Scratch resistance, wear resistance, polishing resistance and engraving resistance: polyethylene wax with micro buttons exists on the coating surface in the form of dispersed particles. Reduce the friction coefficient of the coating, so that when the object collides with the coating surface, the sliding tendency is greater than the scratch tendency, reduce the tendency of polishing due to friction, and maintain low gloss durability. The addition of 0.5-1% can reduce the dynamic friction coefficient of the film from 0.35 to 0.25. When other objects contact the coated products, they sometimes leave black marks on the film. Adding polyethylene wax to the film can reduce this tendency or make the marks easy to wipe off.

(3) Effect on pigment dispersion: polyethylene wax enhances the wetting and dispersion of pigment aggregates and improves the coloring strength of pigments. The addition of 0.5-3% can increase the pigment coloring strength by 10-30%,

(4) Effect on extrusion yield: polyethylene wax reduces screw torque, and adding 1% can increase extruder yield by 5-25%.

(5) Smoothness and texture: polyethylene wax gives the film excellent texture.

(6) Waterproof: waxy film has better hydrophobicity.

(7) Substrate wetting: polyethylene wax is precipitated from the film, which is helpful to release the gas adsorbed on the porous substrate.

2、 Dosage and addition method: the general dosage of polyethylene wax is 1-3%, which is generally added before extrusion; It can be added before and after extrusion, and the excellent effect can be achieved when the post addition amount is less than 1%.

3、 Variety

(1) Low molecular weight polyethylene homopolymer wax has good extinction effect and comprehensive properties;

(2) The acyl modified wax increases the incompatibility and confusion in the coating components. In the hot-melt state, the viscosity and surface tension of the system decrease sharply and the wax base migrates to the coating surface. As a result, a dense coating film is formed on the surface of the coating after curing, resulting in loss of gloss. Applicable except epoxy resin powder coating.

3. Polyoxyethylene modified polyethylene wax has good friction resistance, high scratch resistance, smoothness and texture. The wax powder contains Teflon wax. Because it cannot melt, it highlights on the surface with a single particle, becoming the first line of defense against wear and increasing the wear-resistant time from the surface. When the film cools, polyethylene wax precipitates from the coating liquid to form fine particles, which float on the film surface, playing the role of smoothness and scratch resistance, becoming the second line of defense against wear. The best combination of Teflon and polyethylene, Both have the advantages of two kinds of wax powder, and the hardening effect is the best

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