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Application of Oxidized polyethylene wax in PVC

Application of Oxidized polyethylene wax in PVC


There are three main types of Oxidized polyethylene wax added to PVC:

1. High density oxidized polyethylene wax. In addition to its polarity, it is characterized by high viscosity, high melting point, can significantly improve the viscosity of the melt, The metal stripping property (demoulding property) is also improved with the increase of melt degree, Especially suitable for PVC rigid foamed sheet, injection products, low calcium products and transparent sheet and so on.

2. Low density oxidized polyethylene wax. Compared with the high density oxidized polyethylene wax, its viscosity is lower and its effect on improving plasticizing degree is not obvious, but its effect on improving extrusion speed and appearance glossiness of PVC products is remarkable, suitable for most of PVC products processing applications.

3. Oxidized Fischer-Tropsch wax. It is made by the oxidation process of FT wax. The oxidation FT WAX is characterized by high cost-performance ratio, but its application time in PVC is very short, still need to continue to fumble, to discover more advantages.

Qingdao Sainuo oxidized polyethlene wax is a high-density modified wax, it can promote plasticization, and it has a good post-thermal stability, it can give products a good plasticization and luster, long continuous production cycle, in masterbatch will increase dispersion and brightness, but it has an effect on the oxidative induction period.

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