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Brief introduction of eight functional modified engineering plastics

Brief introduction of eight functional modified engineering plastics


With the continuous progress of modification technology, high-performance and new functional modified plastics gradually replace ordinary plastics and other materials and are widely used in home appliances, office equipment, automobiles, machinery and chemical industry. Here are eight functional modified engineering plastics.

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1. Wear resistant modified engineering plastics

Wear resistant modified engineering plastics can provide lower friction coefficient to reduce wear rate. For example, the cover of the blood glucose meter can increase its service life by opening and closing back and forth after using wear-resistant materials. At the same time, wear-resistant modified engineering plastics are also used in color matching products, even between different materials. In disposable products, such as needles and blades, also benefit from the lubrication of the material. In addition, other applications of wear-resistant materials include urinary catheters, cannulas, drives and vacuum tubes. Other effects include reducing noise due to the movement of smooth parts, improving the processing and production performance of plastics and the efficiency of extrusion molding.

Wear resistant peek is a kind of special engineering plastics with excellent comprehensive properties. It is not only wear-resistant, but also has excellent heat resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, electrical performance and flame retardant performance. It is widely used in the fields of automobile, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery and chemical industry.

Polyoxymethylene is wear-resistant. It also has creep resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and high hardness. Wear resistant polyoxymethylene products are widely used in the fields of automobiles, electronic appliances and household appliances.

2. Conductive modified engineering plastics

When thermoplastic materials add conductive components, they have the functions of permanent electrostatic dissipation (ESD) and preventing electrostatic accumulation, so they can play a protective role. Conductive thermoplastic materials allow continuous discharge of static electricity rather than rapid accumulation and discharge. Static electricity can damage sensitive electronic components and can cause an explosion in a flammable environment. The accumulated static electricity will block the transmission of materials and interrupt the transmission of machinery. Conductive thermoplastic materials can be widely used in color matching products, and some conductive materials are transparent. Its applications mainly include ECG sensor (ECG sensor), pipette, electrical protection device and new medical delivery devices, such as inhalation products, including PMDI spacer.

3. Spray free modified engineering plastics

Spray free plastic is to add special pearlescent powder or metal pigment to specific resin, modify it through supporting special compatibility technology, and directly inject molding to realize the appearance effects of various pearlescent, colorful or metal. It has successfully solved the difficult problems of welding lines or flow marks in injection molding products for special color effects for many years, so as to meet the requirements of colorful texture, low consumption and high efficiency Market trend of environmental protection and energy saving.

Compared with traditional spray painted plastics, spray free plastics can be formed at one time and obtain beautiful appearance without spray painting. It has the characteristics of greener, more environmental protection, lower cost, higher design freedom and fewer process problems.

4. Carbon fiber modified engineering plastics

Carbon fiber modified engineering plastics are mainly reinforced. They are composites formed with carbon fiber or carbon fiber fabric as reinforcement and PA / PC / ABS / PBT / PPO as matrix. It is mainly used in automobile manufacturing, electronic and electrical, household appliances, sports equipment and other fields requiring high strength, high modulus, low specific gravity, anti-static, friction resistance, etc., including automobile functional parts, printers, banknote detectors, electronic trays, textile machine shuttles, etc.

5. Antibacterial modified engineering plastics

Antibacterial modified engineering plastics are a kind of plastics that inhibit or kill bacteria, molds, alcohol mother bacteria, algae and even viruses contaminated on plastics in the service environment. They keep themselves clean by inhibiting the reproduction of microorganisms. At present, antibacterial plastics are mainly obtained by adding a small amount of antibacterial agent to the matrix plastics.

6. Light diffusion modified engineering plastics

Light diffusing materials usually add light diffusing agent to transparent resin to achieve the effect of soft light. Light diffusion materials include light diffusion PC and light diffusion PMMA. Materials have the characteristics of high transmittance, high haze and good weather resistance. They are widely used in LED, electronic appliances, household appliances and other fields.

7. Magnetic modified engineering plastics

Composite magnetic plastic is a material obtained by mixing plastic with magnetic powder with appropriate additives. Magnetic plastics are widely used in many fields of electronics, electrical, instrumentation, communication, culture and education, medical and health care and daily life. Its output and demand are increasing, and has great development potential.

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8. Heat conductive modified engineering plastics

Thermally conductive plastics use thermally conductive fillers (including particles, fibers, laminates, etc.) to evenly fill polymer matrix materials to improve their thermal conductivity. 

Thermal conductivity is mainly measured by thermal conductivity [unit: w / (m · K)]. At present, thermal conductive plastics are most widely used in the field of LED. In addition, thermally conductive plastics are also used in pipes, heat exchangers, automobiles, heating / cooling / refrigeration, etc.

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