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EBS / Ethylene bis-stearomide powder or bead

EBS / Ethylene bis-stearomide powder or bead


Ethylene bis-stearomide is a hard and brittle white high melting point wax that is non-toxic and has no side effects on the human body. It is insoluble in most solvents at room temperature, stable in acid, alkali, and water media, and soluble in hot chlorinated hydrocarbons and aromatic hydrocarbon solvents. EBS powder has a strong sense of smoothness, and is wettable to water above 80 ℃.

As an internal and external sliding agent in many thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics, the most representative ones are ABS, PS, AS, PVC, and can also be applied to PE, PP, PVAC, Cellulose Acetate, Nylon, Phenolic Resin, Amino plastics, etc., with good smoothness and film removal performance. In thermoplastic PUR injection molding, the auxiliary agent also acts as an internal release agent, with an addition amount of 0.1 to 1%.

As a polyoxymethylene lubricant, the addition amount is 0.5%, which improves the melt flow rate, improves the film removal performance, and the whiteness, thermal stability, and various physical indicators of polyoxymethylene meet the excellent product indicators.

Application in rubber

Synthetic resins and rubbers such as polychloroprene and GRS (SBR) add 1-3% EBS to their emulsions, providing excellent anti adhesion and anti caking effects. EBS is applied to rubber products such as automotive floor mats and drainage pipes to increase surface gloss.

EBS can be used as a lubricant, anti adhesion agent, mold release agent, filler surface modifier, and surface treatment agent for hard rubber in rubber processing. Its outstanding performance is to improve the surface gloss of rubber plates, rubber tubes, and other products, acting as a surface brightener.

Used as a dispersant in pigments and fillers

EBS is used as a pigment dispersant for plastic and chemical fiber color masterbatches, such as ABS, PS, polypropylene, and polyester masterbatches. EBS can also be used as a diffusion powder for plastic color matching. Depending on the amount of pigment fillers added, the amount is 0.5 to 5%.

Application in Powder Coatings

EBS can be used as a flow aid for powder coatings.

If EBS is added to the system, it can significantly improve the coating's anti-interference (inter batch mixing and loss of light), board clarity, water boiling resistance, and neutral salt spray resistance, while the outdoor aging performance of the coating film remains unchanged.

Ethylene bisstearamide (EBS) has a variety of functions in powder coatings, which can play an anti caking role and improve the Tg of powder coatings to achieve better storage stability; It has an anti-corrosion effect and can improve the salt spray resistance and water resistance of the coating film; It can enhance the smoothness and luster of the surface of the powder coating film and reduce surface defects.

Other uses

Melting point improvers for petroleum products; Lubricants and corrosion inhibitors for metal wire drawing; Potting materials for electrical components; Defoaming agents and paper coating components for the paper industry; In textile dyeing and finishing, it can be used as a defoamer and a permanent water repellent for dyeing engineering; Adding this product to asphalt can reduce its viscosity and improve its softening point, water resistance, and weather resistance.

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