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Erucamide Wax: A Reliable Ingredient for Your Manufacturing Process

by:Sainuo     2023-07-01

Erucamide Wax: A Reliable Ingredient for Your Manufacturing Process

Erucamide wax is a primary fatty acid amide derived from erucic acid (22:1 fatty acid) and is grouped under the long-chain fatty acid amide family. This group of waxes is extensively used in various industries, including plastic, food, and pharmaceutical, for different purposes such as lubrication, anti-static coating, and release agent.

Erucamide wax is an excellent ingredient for producing films, specialized coatings, and printing inks. In this article, we will explore the diverse applications and benefits of erucamide wax in the manufacturing industry.

Applications of Erucamide Wax in Manufacturing

1. Film Production:

Erucamide is an ideal component for the production of biodegradable films, which can be customized based on the application. These films can be used in various industries, including food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, and agriculture packaging. Erucamide wax enhances the film's properties by increasing its tensile strength, flexibility, and clarity.

2. Coating Industry:

Erucamide wax is used as a coating material in the manufacture of paper, food packaging, and printing inks. It provides a high-quality finish, which makes it suitable for the production of labels, stickers, and adhesive tapes.

3. Adhesives:

Erucamide wax is an essential ingredient in the manufacture of hot-melt adhesives. The wax helps in improving the adhesives' shear strength, bond strength, and anti-blocking nature. Furthermore, it enhances the wetting ability of the adhesive, which leads to better adhesion to the substrate.

4. Polyolefin Industry:

Erucamide wax acts as a slip agent in polyolefin processing. Polyolefins, including polyethylene and polypropylene, are usually sticky on the surface, leading to difficulty in handling the final product. The use of erucamide wax facilitates good slip, anti-block, and release characteristics. Consequently, it eliminates the problem of blocking or sticking of the finished product onto the machinery.

Benefits of Erucamide Wax in Manufacturing

1. Anti-Blocking Agent:

Erucamide wax is well known for its anti-blocking properties, which is its ability to reduce or prevent the formation of adhesion between surfaces. This feature makes erucamide wax a vital component in the packaging and printing industries. The anti-blocking characteristic of erucamide wax ensures that packaging materials do not cling to one another or pick up dust or dirt when stacked.

2. Low Toxicity:

Erucamide wax is made up of long-chain fatty acids that are naturally occurring compounds. It is safe, user-friendly, and does not pose any harm to human health. Consequently, it is a preferred ingredient in the food and pharmaceutical industries for packaging and wrapping products.

3. Compliant with FDA Regulations:

Erucamide wax has been approved by the FDA for use in food contact applications. It is listed under the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 21, Part 175 & 178, and complies with the provisions for plant usage in indirect food contact materials. As a result, it is considered a reliable and safe ingredient for use in the manufacture of food packaging materials.

4. High Melting Point:

Erucamide wax has a high melting point, which makes it ideal for use in various industrial applications that require high-temperature applications. The wax can withstand temperatures of up to 160°C, making it suitable for use in the production of adhesives, hot-melt coatings, and printing inks.

5. Biodegradable:

Erucamide wax is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Biodegradability is its ability to breakdown in nature, eventually being consumed by microorganisms. This feature makes it a preferred component for the production of products that require low environmental impact. The use of erucamide wax in the manufacture of films and coatings helps in reducing plastic waste, ensuring that the final product is compostable and does not harm the planet.


Erucamide wax is a reliable and essential ingredient in the manufacturing industry. It has a variety of applications, including film production, coating industry, adhesives, and polyolefins. Erucamide wax has several benefits, including low toxicity, compliance with FDA regulations, high melting point, and biodegradability. Its use in the industry ensures the production of high-quality products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Overall, erucamide wax is an excellent ingredient that every manufacturing company should consider to enhance the quality, efficiency, and sustainability of their products.

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