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Polyethylene Wax Manufacturers Good dispersion PE wax for filler masterbatch

Polyethylene Wax Manufacturers Good dispersion PE wax for filler masterbatch
Sainuo polyethylene wax is a vital component in filler masterbatch formulations. It ensures the even distribution of fillers within the masterbatch, resulting in improved processing efficiency and enhanced properties of the final product.

Place of Origin: Qingdao, China

Brand Name: SAINUO


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Products Details

Good dispersion polyethylene wax for filler masterbatch refers to a type of polyethylene wax that is specifically designed to promote the even distribution and dispersion of fillers within the masterbatch material. This type of polyethylene wax is crucial in filler masterbatch production, as it helps improve the processing characteristics and the overall quality of the final product. By ensuring that the fillers are uniformly dispersed, the polyethylene wax contributes to enhanced mechanical properties, surface finish, and processing efficiency, ultimately leading to improved performance of the masterbatch in various applications.

Technical Index

Softening Point
Molecular Weight Mn
20-30 cps
Penetration Hardness 
white  flakes

Advantage of Chemical polyethylene wax

1. Improved dispersion: Chemical polyethylene wax is designed to have excellent dispersion properties, ensuring that fillers are evenly distributed throughout the masterbatch. This leads to improved processing and enhanced homogeneity of the final product.

2. Enhanced flowability: The addition of chemical polyethylene wax to filler masterbatch formulations can improve the flow characteristics of the material during processing. This results in better mold filling, reduced die pressure, and improved overall processability.

3. Increased mechanical properties: Chemical polyethylene wax can enhance the mechanical properties of the filler masterbatch, such as tensile strength, impact resistance, and flexibility. This is particularly beneficial in applications where high-performance properties are required.

4. Surface quality improvement: The use of chemical polyethylene wax can contribute to improved surface finish and appearance of the final product. It helps reduce surface defects, such as sink marks, flow lines, and surface roughness.

5. Processing efficiency: With its low melting point and good compatibility with various polymers, chemical polyethylene wax can aid in reducing processing temperatures and energy consumption during the manufacturing of filler masterbatch.

Classification: Chemical Auxiliary AgentType: polyethylene wax pe waxUsage: Plastic Auxiliary Agents, pvc products, color masterbatch
Appearance: white flakeApplication: All soft and hard PVC profiles, Extrusion, cable, pipe and boardPurity: 99.9%min
Function: Improve lubricitySupply Ability: 2300 Ton/Tons per MonthPackage: 25kg/bag

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To prevent the packing from being worn out, we put the bag on the tray

Our polyethylene wax shall be packed in sealing plastic bags at 25 kgs per bag

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