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Improvement of adhesive property of hot melt adhesive system by using polyethylene wax

Improvement of adhesive property of hot melt adhesive system by using polyethylene wax


Hot melt adhesives have many advantages when used in packaging and nonwoven applications: short curing time, strong adhesion and excellent moisture resistance make them ideal for sealing packaging and assembling disposable nonwovens, the largest component of a hot-melt adhesive is the base polymer, so it contributes the most to cost and performance.

The base polymer or “Binder”usually accounts for 40-70% of the hot-melt binder formulation. Most hot-melt adhesive formulations use ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) , block copolymers or polyolefins (such as polyethylene and polypropylene) as the base polymer. When preparing a hot-melt adhesive, a base polymer should be selected. The polymer should have good adhesion to the substrate to be bonded, low melt viscosity, good melt stability and moisture resistance.

EVA is the most commonly used polymer in hot melt adhesives for packaging and nonwovens. The hot melt adhesive based on polyethylene wax and EVA shows different results in adhesive properties, viscosity, density and melt stability according to the different formulations and other components.

The hot melt adhesive based on polyethylene wax has lower melt viscosity than that based on Eva. This makes it easier to apply to the substrate and to wet the surface better and more thoroughly.

Qingdao Sainuo polyethylene wax for hot melt adhesive has the following characteristics:

1. Concentrated carbon distribution, Concentration of molecular weight distribution

2. Very low thermal weight loss, good early, mid and late lubrication performance 

3. Excellent late thermal stability, no migration, no precipitation, no odor, and meet FDA requirements

Hot melt adhesives based on polyethylene wax have higher compatibility than those based on Eva and can be used in repulping process. Adhesives with densities between 0.98 and 1.05 are easier to separate with centrifugal cleaners. This makes them more suitable for recyclable packaging.

When used as a base polymer, polyethylene polymers improve adhesion compared with EVA. In addition, PE wax can be added to the hot melt adhesive formula based on EVA to improve the melt stability, adhesion and curing time. In general, the correct polyethylene polymers, tackifiers and antioxidants are all that is needed to produce a continuous package of hot melt adhesives.

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