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In different PVC products, which common PVC products must be added with oxidized polyethylene wax?

In different PVC products, which common PVC products must be added with oxidized polyethylene wax?


We know that  oxidized polyethylene wax  is an extremely efficient PVC lubricant. Upgrade on the basis of  polyethylene wax to meet the requirements of PVC products with higher processing difficulty for plasticization and later demoulding. Which products must be added with oxidized polyethylene wax? For instance:

1. PVC transparent products, such as PVC heat shrinkable film. Because the non-polar polyethylene wax is incompatible with PVC, it is impossible to produce highly transparent PVC products. The polar oxidized polyethylene wax can effectively avoid the influence on the transparency and improve the demoulding performance. However, it should be noted that the addition amount must also be appropriate.

2. PVC foamed products are different from conventional solid hard products PVC extrusion. The dynamic foaming molding process has higher requirements for PVC plasticization and melt strength. The quality of plasticization and foaming is improved by adding oxidized polyethylene wax, and the surface finish is improved.

3. Especially thick PVC products, such as ultra thick PVC pipes, have higher requirements for plasticization, and oxidized polyethylene wax can effectively improve the plasticization speed of production.

4. Especially thin PVC products, such as PVC decorative film, require higher release performance in the production process. The oxidized polyethylene wax can effectively improve the demoulding effect in the later stage.

5. PVC products requiring high-speed production, such as PVC high-speed extrusion edge banding. Better metal stripping property and anti precipitation are required for the lubricating formulation. Oxidized polyethylene wax is a very suitable late lubricant.

6. PVC products requiring surface finish, such as PVC injection pipe fittings. Adding oxidized polyethylene wax can obviously improve the surface gloss of pipe fittings.

7. PVC products with complex section, such as special PVC profiles. Adding oxidized wax can better control plasticization and fluidity, and avoid precipitation.

8. PVC products with high filling amount, such as SPC / WPC floor. The oxidized wax can better improve the plasticizing speed under the high calcium formula, protect the screw and prolong the life of the screw.

9. PVC products requiring electrical properties, such as PVC wire and cable materials. The addition of oxidized wax can not only improve the surface gloss, but also effectively improve the electrical properties.

10. PVC products to be printed and pasted. Such as in PVC light boxes and advertising cloth. If only non-polar polyethylene wax is used as external lubrication, polar ink and adhesive may not be attached, resulting in unclear printing of ink and loss of adhesive force. The addition of polar oxidized polyethylene wax can not only improve the mold release, but also increase the adhesion of ink and adhesive.

PVC processing is a technical activity. If the production of PVC products is good, the internal and external lubrication balance is indispensable. Different lubricant combinations shall be selected according to the end products, which shall not only be capable of long-term, stable and high yield production, but also meet the demand of cost.

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