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Introduction of PVC pipe - Sainuo pe wax manufacturer

Introduction of PVC pipe - Sainuo pe wax manufacturer


PVC pipe (UPVC pipe),  is extruded by hot pressing method after the cooperation of polyvinyl chloride resin, stabilizer and lubricant. It is the earliest plastic material developed and applied. UPVC pipe has strong corrosion resistance, easy adhesion, low price and hard texture. However, due to the leakage of UPVC monomer and additives, it is only suitable for water supply system with transmission temperature not exceeding 45 ℃.

PE wax for PVC pipe


PVC pipe refers to that the main raw material for making pipe is PVC resin powder. The types of PVC pipes are generally divided according to the purpose of the pipes: 

(1) PVC water supply pipe and water supply accessories are used for water supply works of buildings.

(2) PVC drain pipe for sewage.

(3) Process flow of production line

Production process: raw material + auxiliary preparation → mixing → conveying and feeding → forced feeding → conical twin-screw extruder → extrusion die → sizing sleeve → spraying vacuum setting box → soaking cooling water tank → ink printer → crawler tractor → knife lifting cutter → pipe stacking rack → finished product inspection and packaging.  


The production standards of PVC-U water supply pipeline include British standard, American Standard, Japanese standard, IS0 international standard, national standard (GB), etc. domestic manufacturers basically adopt national standards for production, that is, pipe standard number: GB / T10002.1-1996, pipe standard number: GB10002.2-1998.

Methods for distinguishing the quality of PVC pipes

(1) First look at the surface finish and whiteness.

(2) Drop the sample. Those who are easy to break are generally high calcium products. Of course, if they meet your requirements and the price is appropriate, it is also possible.

(3) Take the sample and step on the edge of the pipe to see if it can crack or the elongation at break after cracking.

Difference between PVC-U and UPVC

PVC-U and UPVC are what we usually call PVC pipes, but the writing order is different.

In the process of PVC production, plasticizers (such as DOP, DBP, DINP, etc.) will be added in order to increase the plasticization performance of PVC and improve production efficiency, while PVC products with plasticizers will be relatively soft.

Generally, PVC products without plasticizer in the processing process are collectively referred to as UPVC or PVC-U.


The essence of PVC pipe is a kind of vacuum blister film, which is used for the surface packaging of various panels, so it is also called decorative film and adhesive film. It is used in many industries such as building materials, packaging, medicine and so on. Among them, the building materials industry accounts for the largest proportion, accounting for 60%, followed by the packaging industry, and several other small-scale application industries.

PVC pipes are divided into PVC water supply pipes and drainage pipes, which are used for municipal water supply and drainage, industrial water supply and drainage, civil water supply and drainage, irrigation, vegetation watering, etc.

Construction maintenance:

The connection modes of PVC pipe mainly include sealing rubber ring, bonding and flange connection. Rubber ring interface is generally used for pipes with diameter greater than or equal to 100mm; For pipes with diameter less than 100mm, adhesive joints are generally used, and movable joints are also used. When crossing sewers or other pipelines, metal pipes are generally used. At this time, plastic pipes and metal pipes are connected by flanges. Flange connection is also adopted for the connection between the front and rear of the valve and the pipeline.

1. When solvent bonding is used for small-diameter pipes, the socket shall be rounded to form a groove, and the fracture shall be flat and vertical to the axis, so as to bond firmly and avoid water leakage.

2. Generally, PVC pipes with pipe diameter greater than or equal to 100mm adopt rubber ring interface. Before installation, personnel must be arranged to chamfer the pipe socket and check whether the rubber ring quality is qualified. The socket and rubber ring must be wiped clean during installation.

3. The excavation of pipe trench for traditional pipeline installation only requires that the pipeline can be put into the pipe trench and sealed. When the original soil layer is not loosened, there is no need to press and tamp the cushion.

4. Generally, the branch pipe of PVC pipe can be forked with tee or vertical water stop bolt. During construction, a saddle shaped fitting and half a two in three-way joint can be added and clamped with U-shaped bolts, so as to thicken the pipe wall, then drill holes directly on it, and then connect it with external threaded plastic parts. 

The test shows that the pressure test acceptance after construction can fully meet the requirements of the specification. In addition, thrust piers shall be set at the positions where the water flow in the pipe generates thrust, such as elbows, tees and pipe end sealing plates to bear the thrust of water flow.

5. As a new type of non-metallic pipe, PVC pipe can not detect its specific position with the existing metal pipe detection equipment, but this problem can be easily solved if a wire is buried on the pipe during the pipe laying construction.

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