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Main components of masterbatch

Main components of masterbatch


Masterbatch is a new type of special colorant for polymer materials, which is widely used in plastic products. It is mainly composed of pigment, carrier, dispersant, and additive basic elements. It is an aggregate prepared by uniformly loading an ultra-constant amount of pigment in the resin. It can be called a pigment concentrate, so its coloring power is higher than The paint itself. Mixing a small amount of color masterbatch and uncolored resin during processing can achieve the colored resin or product with the designed pigment concentration. The carrier is the matrix of the masterbatch, and the dispersant can uniformly disperse the dye to promote compatibility; and the additives can be divided into flame retardant, antibacterial, antistatic, and antioxidant, etc. 

Qingdao Sainuo Masterbatch special polyethylene wax, high molecular weight, high viscosity, can improve the dispersibility of products, performance is equivalent to BASF A wax and Honeywell AC-6A, through FDA certification.

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