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Precautions for the use of calcium stearate

Precautions for the use of calcium stearate


Calcium stearate is a product in the hard salt series of PVC stabilizers. It is different from zinc stearate. The application of calcium stearate in the PVC industry mainly lies in smooth plasticization. Calcium Stearate is a widely used additive and PVC stabilizer. As a kind of additive, it plays a great role and has applications in many industries and fields. However, it has some precautions for use.

1. When manufacturing PVC transparent products, the addition amount of calcium stearate cannot be greater than 0.5 parts, otherwise it will affect the transparency of the PVC material;

2. When calcium stearate is added to the lead salt composite stabilizer, excessive addition will cause over-plasticization, which will affect the lubrication system and cause the strength of the mechanical product to decrease; 

3. In the calcium-zinc composite heat stabilizer system, the ratio of calcium stearate is too low, which will lead to poor initial thermal stability, and too high ratio will make PVC products yellow and have poor weather resistance;

4. Calcium stearate will affect the decomposition temperature of the foaming agent, so the amount of stabilizer added can be appropriately increased during use;

Calcium Stearate produced by Qingdao Sainuo has no vulcanization pollution, good long-term thermal stability, good lubricity, and good mold release. It is mainly used for PVC heat stabilizer and lubricant, food packaging film, medical equipment and other requirements Non-toxic soft products, widely used as lubricants and release agents for thermosetting plastics such as polyolefins, polyester reinforced plastics, phenol resins, amino resins, etc.

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