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Qingdao Sainuo Class - Advice

Qingdao Sainuo Class - Advice


There are times when unpleasant advices really helps, but that doesn’t mean all unpleasant advice is good advice, We can’t just ask ourselves to accept it, but we have to be different for each person and thing.

Unpleasant advices naturally have an offensive nature, easy to lead to feelings of self-worth being denied, and it can lead to interpersonal conflict. 

After hearing unpleasant advices, you can use these three strategies according to different situations: 

1. If the person’s words and actions do not respect themselves, or his/her opinion is pure sophistry, then should be opposed, do not hold back; 

2. If you don’t agree with the other person’s point of view, but want the other person to feel the value of the opinion, then you can politely refuse, Do not be too rigid; 

3. If the opinion comes from someone who has a decisive influence on the achievement of an important goal, or if your expertise or experience is inferior to that of the other person, and there is no reason to argue against it, then simply accept it.

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