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Weather resistant paint - pe wax manufacturer

Weather resistant paint - pe wax manufacturer


Coatings are generally composed of base materials. When the paint is applied to a work piece, a corresponding physical chemistry change will occur, and its properties will change accordingly. Observe the change of these properties in the environment and the time when they lose their effect, can be used as the evaluation standard of excellent coating performance. When the relationship between the base materials used in the formulation is considered, increasing the force between the coating and the workpiece can effectively reduce the degree of corrosion of the workpiece. When the pigment is mixed with other components, the gloss of the coating should be kept as far as possible, so that the light resistance and weather resistance of the film are improved. Improving the weatherability of coatings can not only reduce the coating powdering, decolorization and peeling, but also save the resource allocation to a great extent, and promote the rapid economic growth.

Characteristics of weather resistant coatings

(1)The test method for weatherability

The weatherability must be tested in the production of coatings, which is one of the important bases for evaluating the performance of coatings. According to the national standard, at present, the commonly used methods to evaluate the weatherability of coatings are as follows. 

(1)Methods of natural exposure.

(2)Artificial aging test method: Artificial aging test can truly reproduce the effects of light, rain and other factors on the material, of which the light source is the main factor, and the time process required by natural exposure can be obtained in a relatively short time. 

(3)Outdoor accelerated ageing test method: In this method, the apparatus is rotated with the sun rotation to simulate the exposure to the south at 45 °c. the apparatus is also equipped with a water spray pipe, which periodically sprays distilled water on the coating surface at night to further accelerate the aging process. At present, carbon arc lamp, ultraviolet lamp and high pressure mercury lamp are used in artificial aging test, but all of them have some defects.  pe wax

(4)Boiling test method:This is a testing method for the weatherability of powder coatings, that is, using the high pressure pot water boiling method to evaluate, using the ladder test method for additives, grouping, collecting the experimental data, and obtaining the comparison of the boiling resistance of water. Through these experimental methods, we can simulate the weather resistance test of various coatings under different environments, and determine the best experimental formula by comparing the data collected, which can save a lot of manpower and material resources, to lay a solid foundation for the future direction of the experiment. 

2. Factors affecting the weatherability of coatings

There are many factors that affect the weatherability of coatings. For different coatings, the influencing factors may be slightly different. Generally speaking, there are ultraviolet rays, humidity, high temperature, ozone, acid rain, waste gas and so on, ultraviolet radiation is one of the most important factors affecting the coating. Through a series of reactions, oxygen, water and ultraviolet rays in the natural environment accelerate the aging and decomposition of the paint, and organic micro-particles and impurities in the air are all sensitizers for the photo-oxidation and degradation of the paint. When the coating is exposed to the outside, the coating film will be affected by various factors, and the gloss will be reduced, and the coating film will appear cracks and begin to pulverize. The main aging factor of exterior wall coatings film is physical chemistry, which causes the stress contraction between molecules, thus reducing the performance of coatings.

In order to enhance the weatherability of coatings, it is necessary to analyze each factor, but also to analyze the interaction between various factors. In this regard, China has a large number of experts and scholars in this area to spend time and energy, most of them are using the effective ingredients, to modify the base material, so that its performance has changed, exert the super-strong weatherability of paint, reduce costs, resource Conservation. 

Because of the degradation of water and oxygen in the environment and the high humidity, the adhesion of the film will be reduced, and the film will be destroyed. In addition, the base materials, pigments, solvents, additives, application conditions are important factors affecting the weatherability of coatings. Therefore, improving the weatherability of coatings is one of the important methods to solve the problem.

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