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What are top selling products in Sainuo Chemical?
One of the top-selling products of Qingdao Sainuo Chemical Co.,LTD. is polyethylene wax for filler masterbatch . Its advantages are concentrated in the following aspects: first, technical advantages. Our company has accumulated many technical patents, and the technical performance of this product is quite excellent; Secondly, quality advantage. Due to stricter production quality supervision mechanism, this product shows relatively stable technical performance in use. Third, service advantage. This product comes with excellent services. Whenever there is a fault or problem, only a phone call is needed, and the technical staff will provide on-time service.
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Sainuo Chemical is stronger than ever in the R&D and manufacturing of oleamide. We have been staying competitive in the markets for years. dibenzoylmethane produced by Sainuo Chemical is very popular in the market. Sainuo polyethylene wax is specially designed with well-selected and optimum materials. The product has excellent hardness. It is constructed with heavy-duty welded metal which is strong enough to guard against deformation.
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