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Fischer Tropsch Wax: Advancing the Performance of Metalworking Fluids

by:Sainuo     2023-10-05

Advancing the Performance of Metalworking Fluids


Metalworking fluids play a crucial role in various industrial processes, enhancing cutting, grinding, and drilling operations, and ensuring the longevity of tools and machinery. One such promising additive in the realm of metalworking fluids is Fischer Tropsch wax. This article explores the multiple benefits and advancements that Fischer Tropsch wax brings to the performance of metalworking fluids, revolutionizing the industry.

The Basics of Metalworking Fluids

Before delving into the advantages of Fischer Tropsch wax, it is essential to understand the fundamental role of metalworking fluids. These fluids act as coolants and lubricants during machining processes, preventing tool wear, reducing friction and heat, and facilitating chip removal. The efficiency of metalworking fluids impacts the overall productivity and cost-effectiveness of manufacturing operations.

Understanding Fischer Tropsch Wax

Fischer Tropsch wax refers to a synthetic, value-added product derived from hydrocarbon feedstocks. It is manufactured through the Fischer-Tropsch process, which involves the conversion of carbon monoxide and hydrogen into long-chain hydrocarbons. The resulting wax exhibits unique properties, such as high melting points, low viscosity, and excellent thermal and oxidative stability.

Enhanced Lubrication and Cooling

One of the primary reasons Fischer Tropsch wax finds extensive application in metalworking fluids is its ability to enhance lubrication and cooling. Due to its low viscosity, the wax spreads evenly across the tool-workpiece interface, creating a thin, protective layer. This lubricating effect reduces friction, leading to improved cutting efficiency and decreased wear on the tool. Additionally, the high melting point of Fischer Tropsch wax ensures that it remains stable even under high temperatures, providing efficient cooling to the workpiece and preventing thermal damage.

Improved Surface Finish and Tool Life

Metalworking fluids incorporating Fischer Tropsch wax have demonstrated remarkable improvements in surface finish quality and tool life. The smooth lubricating film, formed by the wax, reduces the occurrence of tool-workpiece adhesion, minimizing build-up and improving surface finish. This translates to enhanced part aesthetics and reduced post-processing requirements. Furthermore, the wax's ability to reduce friction and wear on tools significantly extends their lifespan, resulting in reduced tooling costs and downtime for tool changes.

Enhanced Chip Formation and Removal

Another crucial aspect of metalworking performance is effective chip formation and removal. Fischer Tropsch wax promotes the creation of well-formed chips, ensuring efficient chip evacuation from the cutting zone. By reducing the adhesion of chips to the tool surface, the wax prevents chip clogging and built-up, enabling uninterrupted machining operations. This leads to increased productivity, reduced machine downtime, and improved overall process stability.

Environmental and Health Benefits

In addition to its performance advancements, Fischer Tropsch wax brings environmental and health benefits to the metalworking industry. Traditional metalworking fluids often contain harmful additives like chlorine and sulfur compounds, posing risks to both operators and the environment. In contrast, Fischer Tropsch wax is free from these harmful elements, making it a safer and more sustainable alternative. By eliminating health hazards and reducing the environmental impact, this wax contributes to a healthier, cleaner workplace and a greener manufacturing industry.


Fischer Tropsch wax has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of metalworking fluid additives. Its unique properties and benefits, including enhanced lubrication and cooling, improved surface finish and tool life, efficient chip formation and removal, and environmental and health advantages, make it a valuable tool for advancing the performance of metalworking fluids. By embracing Fischer Tropsch wax, manufacturers can unlock higher productivity, cost savings, and sustainability, ensuring their competitive edge in today's demanding industrial landscape.

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