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Application of oleic acid amide in color masterbatch

Application of oleic acid amide in color masterbatch


Oleic acid amide belongs to unsaturated fatty acid amide, which is a white crystalline or granular solid, polycrystalline structure, odorless. It can reduce the friction between the internal friction film of the resin and the like during the processing and the conveying equipment, simplify the operation of the final product, and thus increase the production volume. Today we will discuss the application of oleic acid amide in color masterbatch.

 oleic acid amide

Oleic acid amide is an ideal dispersant for color masterbatch such as polyethylene and polypropylene. It can significantly reduce the viscosity of the master batch melt and effectively prevent the particles from sticking to each other. Because the color masterbatch contains a large amount of pigment, the melt viscosity increases and the output decreases during its production. By using oleic acid amide, it not only improves its dispersibility and coloring strength, but also significantly increases the output of color masterbatch. Pay attention to the uniformity of the added amount when adding to prevent the extruder from slipping.

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