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Application of Pe wax and Ope wax in road marking paint

Application of Pe wax and Ope wax in road marking paint


In today's article, Qingdao Sainuo takes you to know about the application of pe wax and ope wax in road marking paint.

Effect of melting point of polyethylene wax on road sign paint,

During the construction of hot-melt road marking, this product can shorten the non sticking time of the coating, improve the traffic efficiency, and form an anti pollution layer on the surface after the coating is cured to maintain the clean and natural color of the marking.

1. Polyethylene wax is widely used in road marking paint. It is used in hot-melt road marking paint. Its main function is dispersant and leveling agent.

2. Polyethylene wax for road sign paint shall not contain paraffin and calcium powder, and shall be pure.

3. The melting point is also required to be higher, which is required to be more than 100 degrees. Some manufacturers of road marking paint require the melting point to be more than 110 degrees. If it is too low, the road marking line will be soft, blistering, cracking, pollution resistance, etc.

4. The oil content should be small or even oil-free; At the same time, the drying should be fast, the adhesion should be strong, and the processing temperature should be more than 180 degrees

Requirements for wax used in road marking paint: polyethylene wax has better fluidity, endows products with higher fluidity and better construction; It has good heat resistance and high hardness, so that the paint has good hardness, scratch resistance, rolling resistance and temperature resistance; It has good wetting and dispersing effect on titanium dioxide powder; Good external sliding performance, so that the anti fouling ability of the paint film is good!

As an auxiliary material of road marking paint, oxidized polyethylene wax is used to adjust the performance of road marking paint. It has the characteristics of high melting point, high hardness, no cracking, no dust, wear resistance and scratch prevention. Shorten the non sticking time of road marking paint to improve the traffic efficiency, and form an anti pollution layer on the surface after the paint is cured to maintain the clean and natural color of the marking. Oxidized polyethylene wax products flow very well, which can improve the toughness, adhesion, stain resistance, compressive strength, skid resistance and so on.

Sainuo oxidized polyethylene wax is mainly used in hot-melt road marking coatings and has the following characteristics:

1. High softening point, which can improve the heat resistance of road marking paint; Low viscosity, adjustable to improve leveling, good flow performance, good construction and improve construction efficiency.

2. Wear resistance, scratch resistance and scratch resistance: wax is distributed in the film to protect the film, prevent scratch and scratch, and provide wear resistance.

3. Control the friction coefficient: its low friction coefficient is usually used to provide excellent smoothness of the coating film. At the same time, it has a special soft touch of silk due to different kinds of wax.

4. Chemical resistance: due to the stability of wax, the film can be better resistant to water and salt water spray.

5. Prevent bonding: avoid the phenomenon of back bonding and bonding of coated or printed materials.

6. Control glossiness: select the appropriate model, and have different extinction and glossiness increasing effects according to different addition amount, with good three-dimensional feeling.

7. Prevent the hardening and deposition of silica and other auxiliary materials and increase the storage stability of the coating.

8. It is especially recommended to be used in the road marking paint of concussion line, which has a good wetting and dispersing effect on titanium dioxide powder.

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