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Application of polyethylene wax as lubricant

Application of polyethylene wax as lubricant


Polyethylene wax is a kind of lubricant and demoulding agent with good external lubrication. It can improve the processing efficiency and improve the surface luster and wear resistance of the products when added to rubber and plastics. 

Qingdao Sainuo white flake pe wax has good whiteness, good hardness, good brightness, good penetrability, crispness, small smell, smokeless, high hardness; it has low thermal weight loss, low rheological index, good lubrication dispersion; it can solve the problem of uneven feeding in weight loss measurement; it nearly perfect replacement of all high-quality oligomers, can replace 0020P, 0040P.

The function of the lubricant is to reduce the friction between the contact surface of the polymer and the processing machine and between the polymerized molecular chains. The former is called external lubricant, and the latter is called internal lubricant. The internal lubricant and polymer have certain compatibility, and at room temperature, the compatibility is smaller, but the compatibility increases at high temperature. The rate of lubricant incorporation into polymer is related to the compatibility between lubricant and polymer, and the compatibility depends on the molecular structure of lubricant and relative polymer polarity. For PVC, lubricant and plasticizer can be regarded as the same substance, but the polarity of lubricant is low, and the compatibility between lubricant and PVC is lower than that of plasticizer. A small number of lubricant molecules can penetrate into polymer molecules, which weakens the mutual attraction of polymer molecules and makes it easier for polymer chains to slide and rotate.

The main characteristic of lubricant is that it has little or no compatibility with polymer. In the process of processing, it is easy to extrude from the mixed materials under pressure and migrate to the surface or outside the interface between the mixed materials and the processing machinery. The lubricant molecules are oriented and arranged, and the polar groups are toward the metal surface. Through physical adsorption or chemical bonds, a lubricant molecular layer is formed. Due to the low cohesive energy between the lubricant molecules, the friction between the polymer and the equipment surface can be reduced, Prevent it from adhering to the mechanical surface. The viscosity of lubricating film and its lubrication efficiency depend on the melting point and processing temperature of lubricant. Generally speaking, the lubricant with long molecular chain has greater lubricating effect. 

Pe wax is a good internal lubricant for polyethylene and polypropylene, which is not completely compatible with polyethylene wax, so it plays an external lubricating role to a certain extent. For large injection molding products, wax can not only improve the fluidity during processing, but also greatly improve the surface gloss and environmental stress cracking resistance. Polyethylene and polypropylene both need to hold up to 2% lubricant without any change in performance. For recycled materials, up to 5% polyethylene wax can be added and the melt index can be adjusted to the required level.

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