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The identification method of Zinc stearate

The identification method of Zinc stearate


Zinc stearate is white powder, insoluble in water, soluble in hot organic solvents such as ethanol, benzene, toluene, turpentine and so on; The acid is decomposed into stearic acid and corresponding salt; It has fire danger under dry condition, and the spontaneous combustion point is 900 ℃; It is hygroscopic. Zinc stearate is mainly used as lubricant and release agent for styrene resin, phenolic resin and amino resin. At the same time, it has the function of vulcanizing active agent and softener in rubber. 

Qingdao Sainuo Zinc stearate can inhibit initial coloring, avoid vulcanization pollution, and with good lubricity, mold release and adhesion.

The identification method of zinc stearate was as follows

1. Take about 25g of the product, heat 200ml of water and 60ml of dilute sulfuric acid, heat it to separate fatty acids into oil layers and reserve them; The water intake layer is acidified with dilute sulfuric acid, and one drop of 0.1% copper sulfate solution and several drops of mercuric thiocyanate test solution are added to form purple precipitation.

2. Take the oil layer under identification (1) and wash it with boiling water until the washing solution does not show sulfate reaction, collect the oil layer in a small beaker, cool it, discard the water layer, heat it to melt the oil layer, filter it while it is hot, and remove the water ° C. dry for 20 minutes. The freezing point (general rule 0613) should be no less than 54 ° C。

Zinc stearate is widely used in PVC stabilizers, transparent products, phenolic resins, amino resins, rubber compounds, textiles, cosmetics.

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