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Application of polyethylene wax in color masterbatch

Application of polyethylene wax in color masterbatch


Polyethylene waxis widely used as a dispersant and lubricant with high melting point and low viscosity in plastics.

Homopolymer pe wax is mainly used in polyolefin color masterbatches, including polyethylene color masterbatches, polypropylene color masterbatches, and EVA color masterbatches.

Due to the large amount of pigments or fillers used in color masterbatches, and the small particle sizes of these pigments and fillers, ranging from 0.01 to 1.0 μ M-level, easy to reunite.

By adding homopolymer polyethylene wax, within a certain temperature range, the polyethylene wax melts and wets the surface of the pigment or filler, reducing the aggregation between the pigment or filler particles and the particles.

At the same time, it also increases the compatibility between the pigment or filler and the matrix resin, and by virtue of the shear force of a twin screw extruder or internal mixer, it achieves the goal of evenly dispersing the pigment and filler in the resin melt.

Homopolymer polyethylene waxes from different production routes also have some differences in the application of color masterbatches. Polyethylene wax derived from by-products generally has a low viscosity, and although it has good wettability for pigments and fillers, it is highly likely to precipitate in terminal applications due to its low relative molecular weight, complex components, and poor batch stability.

Polyethylene wax produced by the pyrolysis method has the possibility of producing black spots due to the limitations of the process route, which requires high quality control at the rear end. At the same time, the relative molecular weight distribution is relatively wide, containing high relative molecular weight portions that are not effective for wetting, and low relative molecular weight portions that are prone to odor generation. There is also a risk of precipitation in terminal applications.

Polyethylene wax produced by polymerization has a narrow molecular weight distribution, resulting in higher efficiency in dispersing pigments and fillers and lower risk of precipitation.

Compared to the three polymerization processes of free radical polymerization, Ziegler-Natta, and metallocene, polyethylene wax produced by free radical polymerization contains long branched chains and double bonds, so it generally has a low crystallinity, is relatively soft, and has a good wettability for pigment fillers. However, it may have a certain aromatic odor due to the presence of chain terminators.

Ziegler Natta polymerization is a low-pressure polymerization with higher purity and higher temperature resistance. However, due to the need to remove catalysts and solvents in the process, the operating cost is high.

Polyethylene wax synthesized by metallocene polymerization technology is a more advanced polymerization technology with high catalytic activity and less residue in the final product, allowing for the design of more diverse products.

The temperature resistance test of polyethylene wax produced by three polymerization methods in air at 200 ℃ showed that the degree of yellowing from light to deep was metallocene polymerization, Ziegler Nata polymerization, and free radical polymerization.

Typically, customers can choose different types of polyethylene wax based on the end application. If the color masterbatch is used for low-end applications such as trash bags, trash cans, mulch films, etc., then customers can choose either by-product wax or pyrolysis wax.

If the color masterbatch is used for mid range applications and has dispersion and flavor requirements, then synthetic polyethylene wax should be selected. If the color masterbatch is used for special applications that require harsh taste and temperature resistance, choose Ziegler-Natta or metallocene polymerized polyethylene wax.

At this time, users should not only choose polyethylene wax as a dispersant, but also consider other requirements from terminal applications.

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