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Characteristics of coupling agent

Characteristics of coupling agent


The coupling agent was originally used only as a surface treatment agent for glass fiber. With the development and continuous improvement of silane coupling agent and the development of new varieties of titanate coupling agent in modern industry, the coupling agent is more and more widely used in the coating industry, adhesive industry, plastic industry and color masterbatch industry.

Action mechanism of coupling agent

Coupling agent is a kind of surface modifier, which contains two kinds of structural groups with different properties. One group can react with the chemical group on the surface of the inorganic material to form a solid chemical bond. The other group has the property of organic matter, and can react or physically wind with the organic resin, finally achieving the purpose of firmly combining the organic resin with the inorganic material, improving the mechanical and physical properties of the product and improving the processing performance.

Aluminate coupling agent

The aluminate coupling agent is used for the modification of the surface activity of inorganic fillers. Compared with other coupling agents (such as titanate, borate, etc.), the inorganic powder after the activation and modification of aluminate coupling agent has not only stable quality, but also light color, non-toxic, small taste and synergistic thermal stability and lubricity for PVC. It has a wide range of applications, no thinner, convenient use and low price.  \

Various inorganic powders activated and modified by aluminate coupling agent form an organic molecular layer due to chemical or physical chemical reaction on their surface, which changes from hydrophilicity to Organophilic. Practice has proved that the surface of inorganic powder is modified by aluminate coupling agent and used in composite products. The inorganic and organic ends of the coupling agent can react with the surface of inorganic filler and organic resin respectively or form entanglement structure, which enhances the interfacial compatibility of inorganic powder and organic resin. Therefore, modification with aluminate coupling agent can not only improve the processing performance of plastic products filled with inorganic powder, It can also significantly improve the physical and mechanical properties of the product, reduce the water absorption of the product, reduce the oil absorption, and evenly disperse the filler. For some plastic products with low filling, generally, the amount of filling can be greatly increased (double or more than double the original filling amount), the processing performance can be improved (the melt viscosity decreases, and the mold wear is reduced), the product quality can be improved, and the production cost can be reduced, thus having obvious economic benefits. 

In the process of grinding pigments (fillers) for the production of pigments and inks, a metered coupling agent can be directly used to improve the dispersion of pigments (fillers), shorten the grinding time, improve fineness, brightness and reduce viscosity.

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