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Characteristics and characteristics of polyethylene wax

Characteristics and characteristics of polyethylene wax


As a fully saturated ethylene homopolymer, Polyethylene wax is linear and crystalline. This is why this material can be used in applications such as mixtures, plastic additives and rubber manufacturing. Due to its high crystallinity, the material has unique characteristics, such as hardness at high temperatures and low solubility in various solvents.

This material is a thermoplastic, so you can guess how it behaves when heated. Thermoplastics melt at 110 ° C. An interesting feature of these materials is their ability to heat and cool without extensive degradation.

Polyethylene wax also has limited polygon and molecular weight. Therefore, the material is highly resistant to chemical attack, has unparalleled thermal stability, and is very flexible in preparation and application.

How to identify PE wax?

Pe wax can be low density polyethylene (LDPE) or high density. In general, HDPE tends to be more dense and crystalline, so if you have a way to determine these properties, you can distinguish them.

(1) We can use various methods to identify PE wax from other materials; Vision, touch, smell, etc. This wax is similar to a plastic sheet. It has a shiny surface. If the material is cut, there is neither impurity nor any separation.

(2) The material has lubricating properties and can be felt by touching. At room temperature, PE wax is fragile and fragile.

(3) If you want to test the material, consider boiling it in water for five minutes. The shape of the real PE wax has not changed. If the wax contains paraffin or any other impurities, you will learn about it by changing its shape.

Use of polyethylene wax

Due to its ideal physical and chemical properties, wax can be widely used in all walks of life. Because the material can have a wide range of melting points, densities and other properties, it is understandable why it is used so widely.

(1) Emulsifiable varieties are particularly important in the textile industry. It is also used in paper coatings, leather auxiliaries, crayons and cosmetics. Non emulsifiable types are most common in printing inks, pigment concentrates, and paints.

(2) In the textile sector, materials are probably the most intensive application. A lotion made of wax provides a stable softening. Although they are resistant to acids and other chemicals, these lotion are fabric friendly - the fabric does not yellow, change color, or leave chlorine behind.

(3) In the ink industry, this material has similar advantages. Most ink types contain polyethylene wax as a way to improve friction coefficient and increase wear resistance.

(4) Polyethylene wax is also used in the packaging industry.


PE wax has thermal stability, low solubility, chemical resistance and hardness. These characteristics, combined with wear resistance and wide melting point, make this material an indisputable choice for wide industrial applications. Whether you want to process rubber, manufacture textiles, modified plastics or coated corrugated cardboard, there is a grade to choose from.

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