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What is oxidized polyethylene wax?

What is oxidized polyethylene wax?


The chemical performance of OPE wax is very excellent. It has good compatibility with filler, pigment and polar resin. It is superior to polyethylene wax in lubricity and dispersion. It is an upgraded version of polyethylene wax. The oxidized polyethylene wax of Sainuo chemical is of high quality and appropriate price. It has served nearly 10000 customers in all walks of life. Below, Sainuo Xiaobian will take you to understand the oxidized polyethylene wax.

Sainuo high-density oxidized polyethylene wax, it can promote plasticization, and it has a good post-thermal stability, it can give products a good plasticization and luster, long continuous production cycle, in masterbatch will increase dispersion and brightness, but it has an effect on the oxidative induction period.

Oxidized polyethylene wax is an excellent new polar wax. Because the molecular chain of oxidized polyethylene wax has a certain amount of carbonyl and hydroxyl groups, its compatibility with fillers, pigments and polar resins has been significantly improved. In the polar system, the wettability and dispersibility are better than that of polyethylene wax. At the same time, it also has coupling property, and its performance is equivalent to that of Honeywell A-C wax.

1. Production of ope series wax

It is made of polyethylene wax after special oxidation process.

2. Characteristic

Ope wax has low viscosity, high softening point, good hardness and other special properties, non-toxic, good thermal stability, low high-temperature volatility, excellent dispersion of fillers and pigments, excellent external lubrication and strong internal lubrication.

3. Application

(1) It is used as dispersant, lubricant, brightener and coupling agent for pigment or filler such as strong color masterbatch, polypropylene masterbatch, additive masterbatch and filling masterbatch.

(2) As a lubricant, film remover and phase solvent for rubber and plastic processing, ope wax has good compatibility with various rubbers. Due to its high melting point and low viscosity, it promotes good resin fluidity, relatively reduces the power consumption of resin mixing, reduces the adhesion between resin and mold, is easy to remove film, plays the role of internal and external lubrication, and has good anti-static property.

(3) As an anti adhesion additive and abrasion resistant additive for waterborne coatings and inks.

(4) As a viscosity regulator of hot melt adhesive.

(5) As an auxiliary agent for aluminum foil composite paper processing.

(6) As shoe polish, floor wax, polishing wax, automobile wax, cosmetics, match wax rod, ink wear-resistant agent, ceramics, precision casting agent, oil absorbing agent, sealing paste, traditional Chinese medicine wax pill, hot-melt adhesive, cable material additive, oil well wax absorbing agent, crayon, carbon paper, wax paper, printing paste, photosensitive material matrix, textile softener, electronic component sealant, transistor packaging agent Rubber processing aids, automobile primer, dental material processing aids, steel rust inhibitor, etc.

4. Chemical composition of ope wax

Oxidized polyethylene wax has certain functional groups on its molecular chain, so its miscibility with polar resin has been significantly improved, which is better than polyethylene wax. 

(1) Chemical composition: low molecular weight oxidized polyethylene containing hydroxyl and carboxyl groups 

(2) properties: white slightly yellowish powder, with good chemical stability and soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons. (3) Application: it is widely used in water-based coatings and ink formulations to provide excellent abrasion resistance, adhesion resistance and scratch resistance.

In the plastic processing industry, the internal and external lubrication of PVC is relatively balanced; The lubricity of oxidized polyethylene wax added to the rigid, transparent and opaque PVC formula is better than that of other lubricants.

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