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Ethylene bis stearamide / EBS

Ethylene bis stearamide / EBS


Ethylene bis stearamide is widely used in the molding process of PVC products, ABS, high impact polystyrene, polyolefin, rubber and plastic products. Compared with traditional lubricants such as paraffin wax, polyethylene wax, stearate, it not only has a good external lubrication function, but also has a good internal lubrication function, so as to improve the fluidity and demoulding property of fusion plastics in plastic molding process, Thus, the output of plastic processing is increased, the energy consumption is reduced, and the products obtain extremely high surface smoothness and smoothness. At the same time, it can also be used as processing aids and pigment dispersants.

1. Product characteristics of EBS

(1) Small particle size, which can reach dispersion level fineness

(2) Excellent internal and external lubrication to improve production efficiency

(3) It can be used as dispersant of filler and pigment

(4) It has no impact on the product performance, and can even improve the stability of the product to a certain extent

2. Working principle of EBS

Internal lubricant: because the molecules of EBS have polar amide groups, it has processing lubrication and low-temperature anti sticking effects on polymer resin. EBS can be inserted into polymer resin to reduce the interaction between resin molecules.

External lubricant: EBS has limited compatibility with the resin and can be pulled from the resin to the surface, reducing the friction between resin particles and between resin melt and processing equipment, preventing it from adhering to the metal surface and playing an external lubrication role.

EBS is used as a lubricant and film remover in plastic processing, which can improve the quality and appearance of plastic products.

3. Applicable scope of EBS

(1) Plastic

Because of the existence of polar amide groups in EBS molecules, EBS has processing lubrication and low-temperature anti sticking effects on polymer resins. EBS can be inserted into the polymer resin to reduce the interaction between resin molecules and play the role of internal lubricant; On the other hand, EBS can play the role of external lubrication by the mutual friction between processing equipment in the resin melt to prevent it from adhering to the metal surface. Therefore, EBS is mainly used as a lubricating release agent in plastic processing to improve the quality of plastic products, improve the appearance of products, and also plays a role in anti sticking, smooth, anti-static, improving pigment dispersion and auxiliary stability.

It is used as internal and external sliding agent in many thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics, the most representative of which are ABS, PS, AS, PVC, and can also be used in PE, PP, PVAC, cellulose acetate, nylon, phenolic resin, amino plastics, etc., with good smoothness and film release.

(2) Rubber

EBS is added to synthetic resin and rubber, which has good anti adhesion and anti caking effects. EBS is applied to rubber products such as automobile floor mats and drain pipes to increase the surface luster. In the processing of fluororubber, it can improve the kneading, processing and curing properties of rubber particles.

(3) Pigment, filler dispersant

EBS is used as a pigment dispersant for plastic and chemical fiber color masterbatch, such as ABS, PS, polypropylene fiber and polyester masterbatch.

EBS can also be used as diffusion powder for plastic color matching.

Depending on the amount of pigment filler, the amount is 0.5~5%

(4) Powder coating

EBS can be used as flow aids for powder coatings.

(5) Paint and ink

When manufacturing coatings and paints, adding EBS can improve the effect of salt spray and moisture resistance; Adding this product to the paint can improve the performance of the paint remover and improve the leveling of the baked enamel surface. It can be used as matting agent in furniture polishing agent and printing ink.

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