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Best Polypropylene wax suppliers Excellent lubrication performance pp wax

Best Polypropylene wax suppliers Excellent lubrication performance pp wax
PP wax, also known as polypropylene wax, showcases exceptional lubrication performance that is truly commendable. This unique substance offers a multitude of benefits in various industries and applications where friction reduction is crucial. With its outstanding sliding properties and low coefficient of friction, polypropylene wax effortlessly reduces abrasion between surfaces ensuring smooth operations for machinery and equipment. Its ability to provide excellent lubricity ensures optimum performance by reducing wear-and-tear while increasing the lifespan of components. Additionally, pp wax's versatility allows it to be widely utilized in diverse areas such as plastic processing, PVC extrusion, ink manufacturing, and even metalworking processes like powder metallurgy – all benefiting from this remarkable lubricant's capabilities. Industries can rely on pp wax for superior dispersion characteristics that result in improved flowability during processing procedures. In summary, when seeking an extraordinary so

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PP wax, short for polypropylene wax, is a remarkable substance widely recognized for its excellent lubrication performance. This unique material possesses exceptional properties that make it an indispensable component in various industries. When utilized as a lubricant, PP wax provides exemplary friction reduction and surface improvement, ensuring smooth operation even under the harshest conditions. Polypropylene wax is low coefficient of friction allows machinery to run effortlessly while minimizing energy consumption and preventing wear and tear on vital components. Furthermore, It demonstrates superb thermal stability and chemical resistance, enabling it to endure extreme temperatures and harsh environments without compromising its lubricating effects. With its exceptional qualities, pp wax proves itself as an essential ingredient in keeping countless mechanical systems functioning seamlessly and with impeccable efficiency.



Softening Point ℃


ViscosityCPS @140 ℃


0.5% thermal decomposition temperature TGA ℃ 204.2℃
Molecular Weight 7000-9000


White Powder

PRODUCT ADVANTAGE 1. Good temperature resistance: Polypropylene wax is high melting point, difficult to decompose, good resistance to high and low temperatures, suitable for hot melt adhesives and other fields. 2. Good dispersion and wetting performance: Good compatibility with polymers such as polypropylene (PP), suitable for high filling masterbatches, color masterbatches, especially masterbatches with polypropylene, fibers, and polymer alloys. 3. Excellent lubrication performance and good demol

High gloss and scratch resistance

 Good temperature resistance

Reducing adhesive properties

Good dispersion and wetting performance


1. Used for processing high viscosity polypropylene filament
2. polypropylene resin blend modified mold release agent
3. polypropylene wax can be used as a carrier for electrostatic copier toner manufacturing, play an excellent lubrication role, can improve the melting point of toner and moisture resistance, prevent photocopying bond.
4. Polypropylene wax is an energy - saving agent and modification agent for polyolefin resin processing
5. Polypropylene wax is a dispersant and lubricant used in the manufacture of high temperature thermal spinning masterbatch
6. Polypropylene wax used for high temperature hot melt adhesive manufacturing.


The polypropylene waxs have been approved by FDA,REACH,ROSH,ISO and other certification, in line with national standards.


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