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How to distinguish the quality of filling masterbatch

How to distinguish the quality of filling masterbatch


It is important to know the selection and use of the filler masterbatch before using it. These are the questions we should know before selecting and using it, today, Qingdao Sainuo pe wax manufacturers for you to show the details of these two issues.

First of all, let's have a look at the filler masterbatch is composed of what parts?

The filler masterbatch is composed of carrier resin, filler and various auxiliaries, and the standard to judge the quality of filler masterbatch depends on the grade of raw material. Let’s start with the ingredients that make up the filling stock.

First of all, let’s talk about the filler. The filler here means the powder that makes up the parent material, such as calcium carbonate, transparent powder, talcum powder, kaolin, etc. ,We use calcium carbonate as an example to illustrate that the thickness of calcium carbonate directly affects the dispersion of the filler masterbatch, the finer the better the dispersion; Second, the carrier resin, the carrier generally divided PP and PE, relatively speaking PE is better than PP, mainly new materials and returned materials;The third is to see how much carrier content, are generally between 5%-10% ; the fourth is the choice of additives, are generally used PE wax or PP wax. 

The use of filler masterbatch is very broad, we usually in the processing, only a small amount of masterbatch and uncolored resin mixing, can achieve the design pigment concentration of colored resin or products. Since most colorants (pigments) used in color masterbatch are neutral, the PH of color masterbatch is between 6.8 and 7.3.

The filler masterbatch is a concentrate which is made by supernormal loading of the plastic auxiliary agent into the resin. It is not necessary to add the plastic auxiliary agent, but only the corresponding masterbatch when making the plastic products. Therefore, it is the most popular plastic additives of the filler masterbatch.

Because of the appearance of masterbatch, it has played a great role in promoting the rapid development of plastic industry. 

Its main characteristics are: it can simplify the production process; The raw material is easy to mix and the mixing quality is even; Improve production efficiency and product performance index; Reduce dust emission and wear on the equipment; Reduce the product in the color change cleaning screw material, extend the shelf-life of raw materials, etc. . 

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