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If you are interested in Ethylene bis stearamide, pls read this article

If you are interested in Ethylene bis stearamide, pls read this article


Ethylene bis stearamide / EBS wax is white fine granules or powder with high melting point, non-toxic, insoluble in water, stable to acid, alkali and water medium, but the powder is wettable above 80 ℃. EBS is a multifunctional plastic additive, which is widely used in the production and processing of ABS resin, PVC, polypropylene, phenolic resin and amino resin as internal and external lubricant, as well as anti adhesion agent, release agent, antistatic agent, viscosity regulator and surface brightener. Today, Qingdao Sainuo will show you the application fields of EBS.


EBS is an important amide chemical, showing very little reactivity and high thermal stability, which can significantly improve the physical properties of other substances, and its application scope is very wide.

(1) Use of EBS in Plastic Processing

EBS and its modified products are mainly used as lubricant and demoulding agent in plastic processing, followed by anti sticking, smooth, nucleating, improving pigment and its auxiliary stability.

1) Lubricating release agent

Because of the existence of polar amide groups in EBS molecules, EBS has processing lubrication and low-temperature anti sticking effects on polymer resins. EBS can be inserted into the polymer resin to reduce the interaction between resin molecules and play the role of internal lubricant; On the other hand, EBS can play the role of external lubrication by the mutual friction between processing equipment in the resin melt to prevent it from adhering to the metal surface. Therefore, EBS is mainly used as a lubricating release agent in plastic processing to improve the quality of plastic products and prevent the appearance of products from being damaged.

2) Smoothing agent

The principle of EBS as an anti stick and anti slip agent is that it is related to the compatibility of the resin. It can slowly migrate from the inside of the product to the surface during the molding process, forming a molecular isolation layer, and improving the opening, anti stick and anti slip properties of the film.

3) Pigment dispersant

EBS can produce strong affinity with inorganic fillers or pigments, making them adhere to the surface of particles. At the same time, long carbon chain groups are compatible with resins, thus improving the dispersion of pigments.

4) Auxiliary stabilizer

The combination of EBS and the main stabilizer can significantly improve the heat resistance and weather resistance of the products.

(2) Application of EBS in rubber processing

EBS can be used as lubricant, anti adhesion agent, release agent, filler surface modifier and hard rubber surface treatment agent in rubber processing. Its outstanding performance is to improve the surface gloss of rubber plate, rubber tube and other products and play the role of surface brightener.

In thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, phenolic resin, amino resin, ABS resin, the general dosage is 0.5%~3.0%, which has both internal and external lubrication functions. During internal lubrication, it is easily miscible in resin during mixing, and can accelerate resin melting, reduce melt viscosity, improve fluidity and transparency; During external lubrication, it has the function of anti adhesion, making the products easy to demould, and keeping the fine parts of the complete predetermined shape.

(3) Use in casting

When casting the shell, adding EBS as lubricant in the mixture of resin and sand can play a lubricating role.

(4) Paint

In the coating industry, EBS can be used as pigment grinding agent and dispersant. In addition, the addition of EBS in coatings and paints can improve their salt water resistance and water resistance, and improve the smoothness of baking surface. The addition of EBS in paint remover can improve the properties of wax layer.

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