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Lubricants in PVC processing - ope wax

Lubricants in PVC processing - ope wax


Lubricant is an indispensable auxiliary in PVC processing. The friction between particles and macromolecules in PVC melt can be reduced by adding an appropriate amount of lubricant to PVC; Reduce the mutual friction between PVC melt and plastic mechanical contact surface.

Oxidized polyethylene waxis an extremely efficient PVC lubricant. Upgrade on the basis of polyethylene wax to meet PVC products with higher processing difficulty. It has excellent external lubrication, strong internal lubrication and coupling effect, which can improve the production efficiency of plastic processing and reduce production costs.

Selection principle of lubricant

(1) Pay attention to the internal and external balance of the lubrication of the formula system, adapt to the requirements for material lubricity in the early, middle and late stages, and achieve consistency and long-term lubrication balance. More external lubrication and fast extrusion speed, but the materials are easy to grow and the plasticization is not good; More internal lubrication, large extrusion volume, good plasticization of materials. Insufficient lubrication in the later stage will lead to insufficient lubrication in the homogenizing section, compression section and die section of the screw, severe material shearing, which will affect the surface quality and internal performance of the profile, and even cause decomposition in serious cases. Generally, the lubricity of the lubricant in the early, middle and late stages of the formula is determined according to the combination of the melting point and processing temperature of the lubricant.

(2) The concentration of lubricant should be kept within the minimum amount. Although lubricant plays the same important role as stabilizer in the formula, the greater the amount, the better. The internal and external balance of lubrication is the balance within a certain limit. Because of the incompatibility between lubricant and PVC resin, excessive addition will have a negative impact on the PVC blend system. Many problems related to processing and thermal stability, as well as many defects of products, may be caused by excessive amount of lubricant.

(3) When selecting lubricity, attention should be paid to the contribution and influence of stabilizers, processing aids, modifiers, fillers, etc. in the formula on lubrication. The balance of the lubrication system is not a simple balance between lubricants, but also the lubrication balance of the entire formula system. Formulas of different stable systems have different requirements for lubricants, and lubricants play different roles in the formulas. For example, in PVC mixed formulas of lead salt stabilized systems, the greater the polarity of lubricants, the better the compatibility with PVC, while in organic tin stabilized systems, the change is not significant, because organic tin itself has a plasticizing effect. 

A good lubricating system can prevent PVC-U materials from adhering to the metal surface after plasticization, reduce the load of processing equipment, reduce processing energy consumption, improve the fluidity of processing melt, avoid PVC decomposition caused by shear overheating, promote melting, improve product output, without forming melt defects and melt fracture, and improve color, luster, toughness, etc. due to the improvement of processing fluidity, It has made great contributions to the formulation system.

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