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Learn about erucic acid amide

Learn about erucic acid amide


Erucic acid amide, as an important derivative of erucic acid, is an excellent fine chemical product with a wide range of applications. Because of its high melting point and good thermal stability (stable at 273 ℃), it is mainly used as an anti adhesion agent and a smoothing agent for various plastics and resins, as well as an excellent lubricant and antistatic agent for extruded films.

Product characteristics

Erucylamide is synthesized from erucic acid and ammonia under atmospheric pressure under the catalysis of rare earth metal compounds. This product is a powder or small bead shaped white color solid, non-toxic and odorless. It is insoluble in water and soluble in organic solvents such as alcohol, ether, ester, ketone and benzene.

Application in plastic processing

1. In the production of LDPE (low density polyethylene) and LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene) films, at high shear speed, it can effectively prevent the fracture of the melt, endow the finished product with outstanding toothing, smoothness, brightness, anti-static and anti viscosity, effectively prevent the adhesion between thin films, significantly reduce the dynamic and static friction coefficient of the product surface, and reduce the deposition of dust on the film surface, Moreover, the processability and packaging efficiency are improved, and the waterproof and moisture proof properties of the film are also improved. It is proposed to use the film together with talcum powder and other powders for better effect. Particularly suitable for AUTO packaging film, liquid packaging film and agricultural film;

2. In CPP (polypropylene cast film), it can effectively prevent the adhesion of products, improve the smoothness of products and the feeling of smooth hand touching, facilitate the smooth introduction of the film from the roller, and can also be used together with calcium stearate and silicon dioxide;

3. In the production of BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene film, widely used in the tobacco industry), in order to increase the smoothness, anti adhesion and anti-static properties of the product surface, the static and dynamic friction coefficients of the newly added product surface are greatly reduced, while meeting the requirements of high-speed AUTO packaging;

4. For milk, soymilk, soymilk, soy sauce, beverages and other liquid substances packaged by AUTO filling machine, the packaging film shall be easy to open, and the dynamic friction coefficient shall be ≤ 0.35. Only when oleic acid amide or erucic acid amide is added can the requirements be met. The product surface after adding this product is smooth and bright;

5. It is used in PO transparent and breathable granular materials (films) such as disposable tablecloths, disposable bed sheets, disposable children's diapers, vegetable and fruit fresh-keeping films, goods packaging and enveloping films, and plays the role of smoothing, teething, anti adhesion, anti-static, etc;

6. It is used as a smoothing agent, brightener and anti adhesion agent for fruit net cover (foamed PE), degradable film (thin film), PP corrugated porous material film (thin film), breathable and permeable film (thin film), etc;

7. It is used as a tooth opener and a smoothing agent for HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) packaging film. After being added, the film will become even in thickness and smooth in surface, preventing wrinkles on the film surface;

8. It is used as the most ideal smoothing, teeth opening and anti adhesion agent for IPP (impact resistant modified polypropylene), EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer), EEA (ethylene ethyl acrylate copolymer), PA (polyamide) and other thin films and gums;

9. For transparent hard PVC film or sheet, organic tin (mercaptan tin) is usually added as a stabilizer, and the melt added with organic tin has a strong adhesion bias. To control its adhesion, amides such as erucic acid amide, oleic acid amide, stearic acid amide, ethylene bis stearamide (EBS) must be added;

10. In the multi-layer co extruded film and high transmittance agricultural film, the new product can significantly reduce the friction coefficient of the film and produce a smooth and bright film when you touch it. It can be used together with silica and calcium stearate for better effect, and can also be made into masterbatch;

11. Used as a tooth opener, smoothing agent, anti adhesion agent and antistatic agent for PS (polystyrene) film or sheet;

12. To make the friction coefficient of composite membranes (such as transparent PP composite membranes and PP pearlescent membranes) lower than 0.4, a lubricant (oleic acid amide or erucic acid amide) must be added. Generally, its core layer (intermediate layer) should be added to make it migrate to the surface;

13. It is used as a smoothing, teething and anti adhesion agent for ternary copolymer films;

14. Used as additive for filter paper (membrane);

15. PP blown film has high requirements for smoothness. Therefore, the selection of smoothing agent is very important. Only when erucic acid amide and oleic acid amide are used together in the actual production process, can the ideal effect be achieved;

16. It can accelerate the speed of extrusion and blow molding, and the surface of molded products is smooth and smooth.

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In the next article, we will continue to learn about the application of erucic acid amide in other fields. Please look forward to it!

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