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Application of Erucic Acid Amide in Masterbatch

Application of Erucic Acid Amide in Masterbatch


In the previous article, we briefly introduced the characteristics oferucic acid amide and its application in plastic processing. In this article, Sainuo will take you to understand the application of erucic acid amide in masterbatch and other industries.

Application in masterbatch

1. Erucic acid amide is an ideal dispersant, tooth opener, smoothing agent, brightener and lubricant for color masterbatch and functional masterbatch of PE, PP, PVC, EVA, etc. Its dispersion effect is better than that of common dispersants such as polyethylene wax

Erucic acid amide can significantly improve the dispersion and coloring strength of color masterbatch, make pigments, dyes and other additives achieve the best dispersion effect, and significantly reduce the viscosity of masterbatch melt, which can effectively prevent particles from adhering to each other. As masterbatch contains a large number of pigments or dyes, the production will decrease due to the increase of melt viscosity. If the additive is added to pelleting, it can not only improve the dispersion of color masterbatch, but also improve the color intensity of color masterbatch, and more importantly, it can significantly increase the output of color masterbatch;

2. Used as dispersant, lubricant, brightener and anti adhesion agent for ABS, PP fiber master batch, PA fiber master batch, polypropylene fiber color master batch and filling master batch, to improve the dispersibility and coloring power of pigments and other additives. The master batch produced is smooth, bright, non cohesive, plump, with good fluidity and without stripes;

3. This additive can be added to the white color and black PE masterbatch and PO masterbatch to replace the imported drawing oil, and the pigment content can increase by 10-15%. The whiteness, blackness, smoothness, roughness, etc. of the products are improved, and the melt viscosity is significantly reduced. Under the same power, the truth of the output growth should be reduced;

4. Used as dispersant, lubricant and brightener for new flame retardant masterbatch, which can improve the mechanical properties of products, reduce the amount of flame retardant and reduce production costs;

5. It is used as a tooth opener, a smoothing agent, an anti adhesion agent, a brightener and a dispersant for LDPE and LLDPE transparent film masterbatches (materials).


1. The disposable medical syringe has high requirements for openness, strength, elasticity and surface smoothness, so fatty acid amide type smoothing agents must be added to the materials;

2. In polyolefin cable materials and all plastic communication cable materials, the new product can reduce the friction coefficient from 0.70 to 0.16, and change its colorability, as well as the dispersibility of pigments, toners, carbon black, etc., so as to realize high-speed extrusion of cable granules and improve the smoothness of the inner wall of cable protective sleeve;

3. Used as smoothing agent, brightener, dispersant and colorant of PVC cable material;

4. Used as PU (polyurethane) cable material additive to increase the smoothness of cable surface and inner wall

5. Used for ABS refrigerator liner plate to increase the smoothness, brightness and lubricity of products;

6. Used in the production of PE and PP purified water bottle caps. Adding appropriate amount of this product can enhance the smoothness, lubricity and surface gloss of the bottle caps;

7. Used as processing aid for engineering plastics such as PET, EVA, CPE, PA, PVDF, TPE, PPS, PPE, PC, PP-R、PPT、PPA、POE、K胶、PU、PPO、POM、PBT , to improve the lubricity, brightness, viscosity resistance and dispersion of plastics;

8. Used as auxiliary agent for PP non-woven fabric, it can play the role of brightness and smoothness growth;

9. Used as a smoothing and brightening agent in PP elastomer;

10. Used as a smoothing agent and brightener in salt bag packaging;

11. Used as brightener and lubricant in PP fiber.

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