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Match of lubricant for PVC profile [polyethylene wax]

Match of lubricant for PVC profile [polyethylene wax]


1. Processing characteristics of PVC profile:

(1) Complex cross-section, High head pressure, good fluidity is required;

(2) It is very sensitive to the precipitation, especially the precipitation of the final model;

(3) The product surface gloss requirements are high;

(4) Continuous production requires good stability;

2. Processing characteristics of PVC pipe:

(1) Large extrusion capacity and strong shear strength;

(2) Its dependence on external lubricants is large;

(3) It requires high gloss on the surface of products;

(4) Continuous production needs good stability.

3. Conclusion:

(1) Lubricant is very important for the optimization of calcium zinc formula processing performance;

(2) In the calcium-zinc system, the internal and external lubricants should be matched according to the product, process and raw material;

(3) The optimum selection scheme of lubricant can effectively improve the processing performance and strength of the product;

(4) High-efficiency lubricant can significantly reduce precipitation and improve product gloss.

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