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Factors affecting the properties of filled plastic materials

Factors affecting the properties of filled plastic materials


The geometry, size distribution, physics and chemical property of filler particles will directly affect the properties of filled plastics materials. 

1. Geometrical characteristics of fillers

Particles are a form of filler. The shape of particles is not very regular, but the geometric shape of different fillers has significant difference. For the flaky fillers, the concept of diameter-to-thickness ratio is often used, the ratio of the average diameter to the thickness of a flaky particle;For fibrous fillers, the concept of aspect ratio, which is the ratio of length to average diameter of fibrous particles, is often used. 【polyethylene wax

2. Particle size

The size and thickness of the filler particles used for plastic modification depends on the situation. Generally speaking, the smaller the particle size of the filler, if it can be dispersed evenly, the better the mechanical properties of the filler material, but at the same time the smaller the particle size, the more difficult it is to achieve its uniform dispersion, more additives and better processing equipment are required, and the finer the particles, the higher the processing costs, so choose the appropriate size of the filler according to the use needs. 

3. Physical properties

The density of the filler shall be the same as that of the mineral from which it is derived, and when the filler particles are uniformly dispersed in the matrix resin, it is the true density of the filler that affects the density of the filler.Because the filler particles have space between each other, different shapes of particle size and distribution, in the same mass, the volume of the stack is different, sometimes, the difference will be very large. 

The oil absorption value is used together with the plasticizer on many occasions. If the plasticizer is adsorbed by the filler, the plasticizing effect on the resin will be greatly reduced, the impact on the system is clear. The filler itself in the same amount of filling because of their oil absorption value is different, the impact of the system is very obvious.

The hardness of the filler particles plays an important role in the wear of plastics processing equipment, and people do not want the benefit of using fillers to be offset by the wear of the processing equipment. In addition, the high hardness of the filler can improve its filled plastic products wear resistance and attention has been paid to. 

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