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Effect of dispersant on the pigmentation of pigment

Effect of dispersant on the pigmentation of pigment


Dispersant is an important component of color masterbatch and plays an important role in pigment dispersion. The dispersion of pigment includes three processes: wetting, Thinning and stabilize. The wetting process generally refers to the inner part of the pigment aggregate which is covered by the carrier.  The process of fining refers to breaking up the aggregates of pigments and reducing the particle size of pigments under external force: The stabilization process generally refers to the prevention of reaggregation of the broken pigment particles. It is in these three processes that dispersantsaffect the dispersion of pigments. 

When the pigment is dispersed, a dispersant with similar polarity to the linear chromatid is added. Because the melting point of the dispersant is much lower than that of the carrier, the dispersant will melt and coat the surface of the pigment before the carrier. Because the melt viscosity of the dispersant is lower than that of the carrier, the dispersant is easier to penetrate into the pores of the pigment aggregates and can completely moisten the pigment.  

Because of the similar polarity of dispersant and carrier, the affinity and compatibility of carrier and pigment are greatly improved. Because adding dispersants can completely moisten the voids of the pigment aggregates, the cohesion of the pigment aggregates is greatly reduced, and the dispersants can transfer the shear force more effectively in the refining process, to make the pigment agglomerates break up better.

When the pigment agglomerates are broken, the dispersant can quickly coat the surface of the new pigment particles to prevent them from coalescing again, so that the pigment can exist stably in the carrier. Therefore, it is of great significance to study the effect of dispersant on the pigmentation performance of pigments.

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