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Sainuo​ Positive Energy Class - Integrate your thoughts to achieve goals

Sainuo​ Positive Energy Class - Integrate your thoughts to achieve goals


Qingdao Sainuo Positive Energy Class:

Combining resources, which may seem noble, but is actually very simple, “Get help, eat dinner, make friends, share profits.” 

Think of yourself as a small machine running in a big machine and understand that you have the power to change your machine for better results. So, you have a goal, and the way to achieve that goal is to build a little machine, and learn to design your own little machine, and use it to accomplish that goal. How to build your own “Little Robot”can be summarized as follows:

1. Set clear goals;

2. Identify problems that hinder the goal and follow the principle of intolerance;

3. Analyze the problem and plan the solution;

4. Start the execution and get the result;

5. The results are reworked and iterated optimally.

By following these five steps, you mean that you need to work in a consistent direction, that you can’t tolerate the problems that exist right now, and that you have to face up to the pain and problems of any flaws in the system you've set up, assumptions, and solutions, and so on, and so on, and so on. Make bold assumptions, develop scenarios, and cycle through them to reach higher goals. 

But a system is a set of interconnected elements moving toward a single goal/function, but what if the initial build is one person and two hands are no match for four hands? And then organization came along. In addition to designing solutions, you need to be able to think integrally, use all resources to help you achieve your goals, and detach yourself from the system.

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