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Properties of Atactic Polypropylene and its application in Masterbatch

Properties of Atactic Polypropylene and its application in Masterbatch


Atactic Polypropylene, also known as APP, is a thermoplastic resin. The industrial production of random polypropylene is colorless, odorless and tasteless solid. The relative density is 0.90 ~ 0.91g/cm. High heat resistance, operating temperature range 30 ~ 140 ℃. Good toughness and chemical corrosion resistance. The disadvantage is poor low-temperature impact resistance and easy aging. It is a general plastic. 

Qingdao Sainuo atactic polypropylene APP has a good inclusion effect on the inorganic powder, changes the resistance to flow ductility at high temperature and cracking at low temperature, and improves the flexibility, toughness and cohesion of asphalt itself.

Morphology and properties of Atactic Polypropylene

Bulk  APP  has been used in Masterbatch for the longest time. According to the relative molecular weight, it can be divided into high molecular weight atactic polypropylene and low molecular weight Atactic Polypropylene . 

High molecular weight atactic polypropylene  has a large molecular weight. It is an elastomer material with excellent antioxidant and anti-aging properties, good tensile, impact resistance and optical properties, and high viscosity, generally between 15000 and 100000 CP. it has a good application prospect in medical devices, packaging, fibers, films and so on. 

Low molecular weight atactic polypropylene is between 15000 and 3000cp, which is widely used as adhesive of hot melt adhesive, coating of paper, modifier of asphalt, etc.

This atactic polypropylene is a typical polypropylene main chain, and its methyl branches are randomly arranged and distributed. It is an amorphous, slightly viscous white waxy solid without obvious melting point. The softening point is 70 ~ 150 ℃, and the average molecular weight is 3000 ~ 10000.

Disadvantages: the water content is 5-17%, and the physical properties of the batch are unstable. Because the viscosity and molecular weight of polypropylene by-products produced by petrochemical plants are different, the physical properties and viscosity of the batch fluctuate greatly, and the residual catalyst and small molecular substances smell.

At present, industrial low molecular weight atactic polypropylene has been widely used because of its good adhesion and compatibility.

(1) It is used to modify asphalt and its waterproof coiled material. Atactic polypropylene has good compatibility with asphalt and can be added to asphalt to improve its high-temperature performance. The asphalt material modified with atactic polypropylene improves the flow ductility of asphalt at high temperature and cracking resistance at low temperature, improves the flexibility, toughness and cohesion of asphalt itself, and improves its product utilization It can be widely used in pavement and waterproof coiled materials

(2) Used for filling masterbatch. The filling masterbatch is made of atactic polypropylene and nano calcium carbonate. Using the good compatibility between polyolefin resin and atactic polypropylene, adding the masterbatch in the processing of polyolefin products can significantly improve the toughness, elasticity and plasticity of the filled material and effectively reduce the production cost.

(3) Because atactic polypropylene has good adhesion and compatibility, it can be widely used in the production of hot melt adhesive, adhesive materials, rubber and plastic and electronic insulation materials, modified coatings, waterproof paper, house caulking agent, sealing materials, pipeline anti-corrosion coatings, etc.

In addition, Atactic Polypropylene  can be chemically modified by crosslinking and chlorination to further improve its properties and broaden its application.

Application of Atactic Polypropylene 

Relative high molecular weight atactic polypropylene has the characteristics of high transparency, good elasticity, good rigid strength and good creep resistance at high temperature. It has effectively improved the "low temperature cold brittleness" of isotactic polypropylene and has been more and more applied in recent years. Due to the similar molecular structure and good compatibility between isotactic polypropylene and random polypropylene, blending isotactic polypropylene and atactic polypropylene to improve the toughness and ductility of isotactic polypropylene at room temperature is a good method. 

The application of atactic polypropylene can be significantly expanded by grafting and introducing polar groups. The commonly used methods include solution grafting, melt grafting, solid phase grafting, supercritical CO2 fluid modification grafting and so on. In particular, a new method of polymer modification using supercritical CO2 fluid technology developed in recent years. This technology can make the maximum grafting rate of atactic polypropylene  grafted with maleic anhydride reach 5.1%, and the maximum grafting rate of two-component grafting product is 10.8%, without reducing the thermal properties of atactic polypropylene . The atactic polypropylene  cobalt ionomer membrane prepared by grafting modification of atactic polypropylene  with maleic anhydride can promote the transportation of CO2 gas, has good CO2 permeability coefficient and CO2 / N2 separation coefficient, has good service strength and good application prospect.

Characteristics of atactic polypropylene in Masterbatch application

1. Compared with traditional polyethylene wax, atactic polypropylene has high viscosity, no precipitation and is not sensitive to screw shear, especially in the field of non-woven fabric filling. For example, the addition of more small wax molecules will reduce the melt strength and drop slurry. Atactic polypropylene is added because of its high viscosity relative to polyethylene wax, excellent dispersion, propylene compatibility, temperature resistance and stability, so as to improve the stability of masterbatch.

2. Atactic polypropylene has excellent fluidity, and the melt index is often 1000 +, especially now high torque twin-screw, three screw and continuous internal mixing equipment. This kind of equipment pursuing high output has higher and higher requirements for fluidity. Atactic polypropylene can just meet their requirements for fluidity, especially in the period when the shear force of continuous internal mixing equipment is weak, it has high requirements for melt flow rate and dispersion, If wax is used to improve the quality of products, the app with a melt index of up to 1000 can help. There are also some twin screws with long time, which have serious wear, large sleeve clearance and weak shear force. At this time, the excellent fluidity of app can match their shear force, and can be well dispersed without too much shear. Manufacturers are increasingly pursuing output. At this time, the plasticizing capacity and powder coating capacity must keep up with APP. 

3. The application of high concentration carrier free color masterbatch and masterbatch is inseparable from the excellent fluidity and coating of app. The application of APP in Masterbatch depends on its natural physical properties, high fluidity, no precipitation and excellent compatibility with polyolefins. In the ultra-high concentration color masterbatch and carrier free color masterbatch, app can make use of its fluidity and coating capacity to make the equipment operate without too much shear, the product dispersion can be better, and the concentration increase is possible.

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