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PVC foam products - Unbalanced characterization of various auxiliaries (1)

PVC foam products - Unbalanced characterization of various auxiliaries (1)


1. Stabilizer

The most widely used stabilizers in PVC foamed products are lead salt stabilizers and calcium zinc stabilizers. With the more strict requirement of environmental protection and the higher performance-price ratio of calcium zinc stabilizers, the application of calcium zinc stabilizers becomes more and more extensive.

The stabilizer is insufficient, the plate surface yellows, the paste material, the product brittleness is big, the strength reduces, the foaming rate is low;

Too much stabilizer, foaming agent decomposition ahead of time, gas will be from the feed hole and vacuum hole overflow, a cavity structure will crack tendons or contraction mark;

2. External lubricant

Foamed products are most commonly used external lubricants paraffin wax, PE wax, paraffin wax easy precipitation, so the general use PE wax.

Lack of external lubrication, extruder zone 4,5 temperature is not easy to control, easy to over-temperature, plate surface bubbles, string bubble, yellowing, rough plate surface; friction shear heat increases, causing material decomposition, plate surface yellow, paste;

Too much external sliding, bad plasticizing, resulting in mold cavity scale and product surface precipitation, easy to appear wall thickness is not uniform and some symptoms in the surface irregular back and forth movement of the phenomenon;

3. Internal lubricant

The inner lubrication is insufficient, the material dispersity is not good, the plastication is not good, the product thickness is difficult to control, the foam board middle thick two sides thin;

The internal lubrication is too much, the foaming products become brittle, the heat resistance decreases, and in a certain temperature and melting pressure changes to external lubrication, resulting in lubrication imbalance;

The internal and external lubrication are insufficient, the melt viscosity is bigger, the plasticizing torque is bigger, the melt adhesion wall phenomenon is serious, the material surface has the yellow decomposition line, the surface smoothness is bad, the product mechanical property reduces;

Internal and external lubrication are excessive, plasticizing torque is small, melt plasticizing is obviously insufficient, although the product smoothness is good but the pressure point adhesion is poor, seriously affect the mechanical properties of products;

The internal lubrication is less, the external lubrication is more, the plasticizing time is obviously prolonged, the plasticizing torque is reduced, the products are difficult to form, brittle;

The internal lubrication is more, the external lubrication is less, the plasticizing time is shortened obviously, the wall sticking phenomenon is more serious, the heat stable time is shortened, the product surface has the decomposition yellow line;

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