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Reason and solution of uneven diameter of PVC cable

Reason and solution of uneven diameter of PVC cable



1. Phenomenons of uneven thickness

(1) Due to the instability of the screw or traction, resulting in uneven diameter cable.

(2) The thickness of plastic layer of the cable is uneven because of small selection of mould and big change of outer diameter of semi-finished products.

2. Reasons for uneven thickness

(1) Uneven retracting or retracting speed

(2) The screw speed is unstable, the main motor speed is uneven, the belt is too loose or slippery

3. Methods to solve the problem of uneven thickness

(1) Regular inspection screw, traction, the speed of the line is uniform.

(2) Frequently check the operational condition of machinery and electrical appliances, If you find a problem, call a fitter or electrician to fix it immediately.

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