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Qingdao Sainuo Calcium Stearate

Qingdao Sainuo Calcium Stearate


Calcium stearate is a white powder that is soluble in hot ethanol and other solvents. It decomposes when heated to 400 ℃ or when exposed to acid or alkali, and has hygroscopicity. Qingdao Sainuo's calcium stearate has a long cycle and good heat resistance; At the same time, it has no sulfurization pollution; Good lubrication and demolding performance; Good stability; Has a certain degree of dispersibility.It can be used as a heat stabilizer and lubricant for polyvinyl chloride, as well as for non-toxic PVC soft products such as food packaging films and medical devices. It can also be used as a lubricant and release agent for thermosetting plastics such as polyolefins, polyester reinforced plastics, phenolic resins, amino resins, as well as a leveling agent for paint and a thickener for lubricating grease.

Next, Qingdao Sainuo will introduce to you the efficacy of calcium stearate in coated sand:

1. During the resin softening period, it blocks the sedimentation of sand particles, reduces the formation and expansion tendency of sand core voids, and also improves the melting point of coated sand.

2. The lubrication performance of calcium stearate improves the fluidity of coated sand, increases the compactness of the sand core, and thus enhances the strength of the core. The melting point of calcium stearate is 60-80 degrees higher than that of resin, and the softening time of calcium stearate after heating is later than that of resin. The unmelted calcium stearate dispersed in the sand plays a skeleton role within a certain range.

3. Although the amount of calcium stearate added to the coated sand is small, its effect is very significant. It can prevent the caking of the coated sand, improve flowability, improve anti shelling and demolding properties. The quality of calcium stearate not only affects the strength of the coated sand, but also plays a crucial role in the high-temperature performance of the coated sand.

4. Adding a certain amount of silica to the synthesis of calcium stearate can greatly improve its high-temperature performance in coated sand.

5. Calcium stearate can also improve the thermal cracking resistance of coated sand. The main reason for the thermal cracking of coated sand is thermal expansion, which generates thermal stress. With the increase of calcium stearate dosage, the thermal cracking time gradually delays. The reason is that the melting point of calcium stearate is higher than that of resin, and its increase is beneficial for improving the thermal plasticity of the sand core, thereby relaxing the thermal stress of the sand core.

The above points are all the benefits of calcium stearate in coated sand. It has good long-term thermal stability, is flammable, non-toxic, and is a very superior chemical product that has been widely used in industrial production!

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