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The role of oxidized polyethylene wax in pigments and fillers

The role of oxidized polyethylene wax in pigments and fillers


Oxidized polyethylene wax has good compatibility with paraffin wax and is used as a modifier to improve the comprehensive properties of paraffin wax, such as water resistance, hardness, and demolding properties. Oxidized polyethylene wax also has a coupling effect, which can increase the processing and production efficiency of plastics and reduce costs. 

OPE wax has polar groups such as carbonyl, hydroxyl, and carboxyl groups on its molecular chain, making it an excellent polar wax. Therefore, it has excellent wettability and dispersibility in polar systems, and has excellent compatibility with polar resins and fillers. Therefore, it can also be used as a dispersant for pigments and fillers, and its thermal stability is also better than polyethylene wax.

The Function and Significance of oxidized polyethylene wax:

The dispersion of pigments is essentially the process of breaking aggregates into native particles and agglomerates, and these newly formed particles evolve and tend to a stable state. The specific dispersion process of pigments in resins can be divided into the following three steps:

The first step is to wet the surface of pigment aggregates by the molten resin, which then penetrates into the pores inside the aggregates; In the second step, the aggregates undergo fragmentation under the action of external shear force and mutual collision between pigment particles; The final step is to wet and coat the newly formed particles with the resin melt until it stabilizes and no longer agglomerates. This process can be simply described as wetting, crushing, and stabilization.

However, the melt viscosity of resin is high, which makes it difficult to blend with pigments and has poor wettability. As a result, it is difficult to penetrate into the pores of aggregates, and shear force cannot be efficiently transmitted, resulting in incomplete fragmentation of aggregates. Even if some aggregates are broken, the resin melt cannot quickly wet them, and particles collide with each other to undergo re aggregation, which is also the reason for the uneven dispersion of pigments and fillers in the resin system. To solve this problem, oxidized polyethylene wax can be added to the above system.

After adding oxidized polyethylene wax to the system, the resin and oxidized polyethylene wax are first melted and coated on the surface of the filler. Due to the low viscosity and good compatibility with the filler, oxidized polyethylene wax is easy to wet the filler and then penetrate into the interior of the aggregate, weakening the cohesion. Moreover, with the help of external shear force, the aggregates of pigments and fillers are more easily broken, and newly formed particles can also obtain rapid wetting and protection. In addition to its dispersing effect, oxidized pe wax can also increase the mechanical properties of the coating. During the process of powder coating solidification and film formation, oxidized pe wax particles will move towards the surface of the coating due to squeezing or floating, providing protection for the coating. Larger particles can resist external stress and increase the scratch resistance of the coating, while smaller particles will tightly accumulate and increase the hardness of the coating. 

Due to the large number of carboxyl groups in the structure of oxidized wax, it has a good affinity with alkaline pigments and can promote the dispersion of pigments in the system. The structure also contains many hydroxyl groups, so it has good compatibility with polar resins. When the powder coating is solidified into a film, it can increase the impact resistance and flexibility of the coating. In addition, the addition of oxidized pe wax can reduce the viscosity of the system and improve the flowability of the system. Therefore, adding oxidized pe wax in the production of coatings can improve production efficiency and increase yield.

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