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How to Choose PE Wax in Color Masterbatch Formula

How to Choose PE Wax in Color Masterbatch Formula


Pe wax plays a lubricating and dispersing role in the color masterbatch system, increasing the compatibility of pigments with resins such as polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, and polypropylene, which is beneficial for improving the extrusion efficiency of the color masterbatch and also increasing the glossiness and processing performance of the product.

① The variety selection of polyethylene wax in the color master batch formula needs to consider both the pigment and carrier resin in the color master batch, as well as the resin required for coloring the color master batch. This is because according to the principle of similarity compatibility, homopolymer polyethylene wax is suitable for non-polar plastics such as polyethylene and polypropylene, while copolymer polyethylene wax molecules are modified by introducing carboxyl groups into polar groups, which are then esterified. Therefore, it is suitable for polar polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, ABS, and engineering plastics. The selected polyethylene wax variety can only be mixed and dispersed with each other if it has good compatibility with the carrier resin. Similarly, the selection of polyethylene wax varieties is also suitable for polarity matching of various pigments.

② Polyethylene wax has wetting and dispersing functions in the processing of color masterbatches. An ideal wetting and dispersing agent has a relatively low viscosity during its wetting treatment stage (relatively low temperature), which is beneficial for wetting pigment particles; During the shear dispersion stage (relatively high temperature), it is hoped that the viscosity can be higher, which will have a significant impact on shear dispersion. But when pigments are dispersed in plastic, shear force is the main force, and low viscosity is not conducive to dispersion.

In conventional processing, increasing the temperature of the dispersion system is beneficial for the wetting and permeation of pigment particles; Lowering the temperature is more conducive to the shear dispersion of pigment particles. How to find processing conditions and methods that are conducive to wetting pigment particles while effectively dispersing them is something we must carefully consider and treat. Therefore, it is necessary to comprehensively and systematically consider and choose the appropriate polyethylene wax variety.

③ The selection of polyethylene wax requires consideration of environmental and product safety factors. Low molecular weight wax products can increase volatility and cause environmental pollution and product odor. If such wax is used in sensitive applications such as food packaging materials and children's toys, it can cause serious adverse consequences. Therefore, the selection of such a relatively important auxiliary material must be cautious.

④ Choose different types of polyethylene wax based on the needs of end customers. If the color masterbatch is used for low-end applications such as garbage bags, trash cans, plastic films, etc., customers can choose by-product wax or cracking wax.

If the color masterbatch is used for mid range applications and requires dispersion and flavor, then synthetic polyethylene wax should be chosen. If the color masterbatch is used for special applications that require harsh taste and heat resistance, then Ziegler Nata or metallocene polymerized polyethylene wax should be chosen. At this point, users should not only choose polyethylene wax as a dispersant, but also consider other requirements from the end application.

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