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Qingdao Sainuo Class - Job-hopping

Qingdao Sainuo Class - Job-hopping


As a person in the workplace, there will inevitably be the flow of personnel, is what we call “Job-hopping”, job-hopping also requires skills, Today, Qingdao Sainuo will take you to understand about job-hopping.  

A lot of people think that job hopping is bound to lead to a raise or a promotion, but is it? Job-hopping does lead to pay increases, but frequent job-hopping eventually leads to a plateau in wage growth, according to a study of Chinese employees. In addition, a study based on 55 year old European ceos found that, on average, it took them 23 years to become CEO, while frequent job hoppers took about 26 years to become CEO. In other words, job hopping doesn’t always lead to raises and promotions. Therefore, “Migrant workers”can not just because of money and status and job-hopping, but based on self-development needs. 

How to Job Hopping smartly in the workplace? I suggest you remember two numbers, one and four. A “1”is a minimum of one year in a company so you have enough time to learn and master new skills without giving the new employer the impression that you can’t hold on to them. “4”means don’t job hopping between more than four companies in a short period of time. Studies show that after more than four companies, wage growth stagnates. 

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